Episode 147: Requilted and Done!

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The Nova quilt is officially finished!


finished nova 2


Here’s a close-up of the quilting:

finished nova quiltingI don’t know if you can really tell anything from it or not.

And here’s the near-finished mosaic top:

mosaic top1

Congrats to Michelle, who won the podcastiversary giveaway! She has a blog over here at Renewing Mrs. Sew and Sew, if you want to check it out. Thanks for listening, Michelle, and to everyone else, too!

I’m getting hooked on the BBC-4 daily soap, The Archers. Do you know it? I’ve only listened to four or five episodes, but I’m already getting familiar with the characters. You can subscribe to it on iTunes; just search for BBC 4 The Archers in the iTunes store.

I mention the Netflix series “Happy Valley” in this ep, though I think I say I watched it on Amazon.com prime. Anyway, the actress is Sarah Lancashire, and she is fab!

Finished Liane Moriarty’s latest, Big Little Lies and really enjoyed it. It’s a little darker than her previous books, but still a worthy read.

Please send book and podcast recommendations!

8 Replies to “Episode 147: Requilted and Done!”

  1. I have been watching REIGN on the CW …. dramatization of MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS while she was married to Frances… enjoying it a lot … I will be back after I listen to the podcast.

    MOSAIC looks good and I like your idea for using LEAH DAYS class to do the back ground…. I did something similar and felt it was fun and improved my FMQ tremendously.

  2. I found The Archers about a year ago and love it! BBC started another one set in WW1 era called Home Front. It’s on a break now, but you can download the podcasts. It started in Sept and will return soon. Very interesting!
    I have listened to you since you started podcasting. You’ve made great progress on your quilts. I love to listen to you, Francis. Have you recorded any of your books?

  3. Glad to see you’ve finished Nova. I haven’t listened to your new episode yet but will soon.
    As for books, I try not to pick up novels because if they are good, I don’t do anything else until I’ve finished reading. So now I listen to audiobooks instead and multitask. I’m just redoing the Outlander series before I ‘read’ the new one.

  4. Nova is beautiful!
    Thanks again for the Fat Quarter Shop Gift Card!
    I am with you about no handmade gifts for Christmas. I think everyone expects it from me because I used to give at least 1 quilt every Christmas! But, now I just enjoy Christmas.
    Thanks for the great podcast.

  5. Hi Frances. Glad that you are enjoying “Bookclub”. You may have found another one on BBC Radio 4 called “Books & Authors” If not, it is worth a listen.
    There are 2 presenters Mariella Frostrup and Harriet Gilbert( or something else that begins with G). Mariella talks to authors of new or fairly new books and other folks in the book industry primarily about the UK but she does interview authors from throughout the world also. Harriet hosts “Good Reads”. She and her 2 guests pick a “good read” which everyone reads and then discusses. The books may be classics or fairly recently published and anything in between. It can get be a thoughtful discussion but it can also be quite pointed too. If you don’t like that miss out the recent one featuring Jeremy Paxman and Mary Beard.

  6. Hi again.
    Re when to leave well alone or unquilt I forgot to say that for me it’s when I leave it for a few days and I just can’t get by my”mistake” or whatever I call it, then I’ll unquilt. On the other hand if , like you, I have to look for the issue then I leave it to the Muggles or tell myself if you can’t see it from a galloping horse then it’ll do.

  7. Despite the fact that I unquilted an entire queen size quilt, I tend to leave well enough alone to the point of almost really bad. Quilting is a great equalizer, and as you know, muggles don’t know the difference. I like to listen to Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltcam episodes while I quilt. You can stop & watch if she happens to demo something, otherwise it’s just pleasant quilty conversation in the background while you work. Congrats to Michelle and thanks for podcasting!

  8. I admire you for being able to put the time and effort into unquilting when your heart really begged that to be done. I admit to sometimes letting my time dictate a design decision but the heart always knows better.

    Sorry for not getting into the proper razzing mood about fitbit. I just get so excited when I see people being happy about their fitness and seeing the results they want. It is exciting for me when someone gets the “fitness bug” and it makes me smile. So I will try to stay ahead of you but, since my job is VERY sedentary, who knows. You will probably be the one pulling us u, which is also a good thing. Walk on, my friend!

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