Episode 146: The Requilting

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Okay, I haven’t actually started requilting yet, but I hope to today.

Today’s the last day to enter the giveaway. Leave a comment! What are you waiting for?

Guess what? I’m writing this post on my new treadmill desk!


tread1Pretty, huh? Here’s another picture:

tread2Watch out, Terje–here I come!

In this episode I mention a field trip I took on Saturday, to Stagville Plantation here in Durham. Here are a couple of pictures.

The owners’ house:

stagbighouseSlave cabin:

stagcabinInteresting stuff!

New quilting podcast: Quilting Bits and Pieces: http://quiltingbitsandpieces.com/


8 Replies to “Episode 146: The Requilting”

  1. Good luck with the requilting! I couldn’t help but think something about zombies when you were talking about the ‘brains’ motif.

    I will be very interested to hear your review of your new desk – how long it will take you to get used to it. I could see one of these in our future, and my husband and I “negotiating” use times, especially after he retires in a few years. Don’t forget to wear good footwear, unless you want a podcast episode called, ‘How my fitbit gave me plantar fasciitis’, which I could guest host. Thanks for podcasting!

  2. The only way I would use a treadmill for anything except an expensive clothing rack, is if it was the only way to power my sewing machine…don’t even go there 🙂 Keep up the wonder podcasts!

  3. I don’t remember how many years you’ve been podcasting, but I know it’s a few and that’s quite an achievement. And you do such a great job! I’ve always enjoyed and looked forward to your podcast. So, congratulations! I unquilted a queen size quilt earlier this year. Knew it wasn’t working but I kept on quilting thinking somehow it would be right in the end…like a whole lot of not good equals good. Wrong. Hope your requilting goes well. Haven’t started mine yet as I’ve spent the summer immersed in sketching and watercolor. My brain won’t accomodate both kinds of creativity at the same time. I don’t think I could walk on a treadmill and work on the computer either!

  4. Frances, Thank you for your last podcast, loved seeing your treadmill desk and hearing about and seeing Stagville Plantation. Amazing how some forget some of our sad, sad history. It may be too late for the drawing, but wanted to thank you for your years of podcasting, always enjoy. If you see our friend Annie Smith again, say hi to her!!! Fun to be special, isn’t it?

  5. Can’t wait to hear all about the requilting and the treadmill desk. You never have to worry about being FitBit friends with me!

    (Also, remind us not to put you in charge of marketing tourism.)

  6. Thank You Frances! I have loved every episode of your podcast. I haven’t been listening but for almost a year. It’s like listening to a friend. And Thank You, Thank You for the gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop! I have already used it (first time ordering from there) Thanks again for your great and informative podcast!

  7. I’ll never beat you in steps with you having that treadmill! I know of one other person that uses one too. Yeah you! LOVE the mosaic quilt. I have a Cathedral Window one that looks like I used two different white fabrics on it too. I bought several bolts of the same white fabric though! Oh well, it just adds character to the quilt. Right? lol

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