7 Replies to “Episode 138: Another Rambly One (You’ve Been Warned)”

  1. Spreading the word about Phineas, the website and your books in general. 🙂 Just finished reading “Where I’d like to be and enjoyed it. I just picked up Ten Miles Past Normal. I have been reading more than sewing lately. My sister commissioned a custom laptop bag and it has sapped a lot of my creativity. I haven’t been able to make myself sew even though I actually had some time today. So instead I read. 🙂 Today was “Quilts from the Civil War” by Barbara Brackman. Quilty but not requiring any creativity on my part. Do you have a Goodreads profile? I always enjoy your book suggestions. Hope you get some time with your quilts and garden soon!

  2. Just finished listening, and I love your rambly style. I always feel kind of like I’m having a lunch date, chatting with a friend when I listen to you.
    Life has seasons, ebb and flow, right now you are busy with other things, they will settle out and you will get quilty time again. 🙂 We just have to make sure we keep doing things that bring us joy, so we don’t get bogged down.

  3. You may not be doing any quilting, but you are talking about it, so keep podcasting! It’s just fun listening to you (and I get to hear about the weather down near my sister who lives in Goldsborough!)

    I started listening to a podcast called “You Should Be Writing” by Mur Lafferty. Although she is in a totally different genre than you (science fiction/urban fantasy), you might get some ideas of how to promote your online books from her. She’s also on Twitter (I think as MightyMur, but I’m not positive.)

    And, sad to say, I like reading on a screen almost better than reading in print because I can adjust the print size, too (although I do miss “real” books.) I guess I’m officially old.

    (I’m going to sign this here a.g. from quiltingpiecebypiece because my blog (wordpress name is a mouthful and I share a first name with A.J. Dub, so I don’t want to confuse you.)

  4. Thank you for this rambly episode. You kept me company last night through some lovely sewing time. At this point you are in a category by yourself – quilty but not – that I love to listen to because you make me think about things and you make me laugh.

  5. Frances, I love your rambling and look forward to each episode. Like Amy said, your chatting is like a visit with an old friend. I really identify with “my house needs cleaning…my garden needs tending…I should not stop to quilt”. It is nice to know I am not alone : )

  6. Frances, love the rambling, course maybe that’s cause I ramble. Love the Word podcast!! I had my daughter download the 2 podcasts for a drive to Washington, DC, for their family to listen—figured the old lady in the grocery store cutting off hair could become an entire “round robin” story w/2 adults and 2 kids participating. I will spread the word on the podcast to my elementary/middle school teacher friends.

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