Episode 134: Keep up with the Kona!

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circle of geese topCircle of Geese top! Not the most beautiful picture in the world, but that’s par for course, now isn’t it? Next up: the quilting. Eek! I’ve been practicing drawing a paisley pattern for outside the geese. Maybe little circles inside?

And here is my unsuccessful, but still cool, unfinished New York Beauty block. Just call me Miss Paper Piecing USA, cuz that’s who I am, ladies.

NY beauty 1

See you next week!

6 Replies to “Episode 134: Keep up with the Kona!”

  1. I think you did get snow, yes? When we get rain, well, I vaguely remember rain, the newscasters enter the Silly Season. I actually feel sorry for them ’cause they can’t be proud of their work!

    What a lovely podcast to listen to today. Maybe I will “play” and get out of my winter sewing slump. Play with no expected result, just fun.

  2. love the circle of geese block… well the look of it. Must try it one day. Looking forward to listening to the podcast when I fly today… off to Brisbane and then Sydney to see my family for the week. (Only coming from north Qld so not such a big flight as it might read)

  3. Dying to know…what happened with the snow there? Of course Atlanta was brought to a standstill, but I can’t wait for the follow up from you after you scoffed at the forecasters.
    Love your circle of geese blocks. I can imagine so many fun variations!

  4. You are so virtuous with your budgets and plans; I am very impressed!

    Thinking of snow today; Katie starts new job on Monday 02/10 and we are hoping that she will not be snowed out before she even gets there.

    All the best

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