Episode 133: Mosaic Blocks, baby!

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mosaic blocksSo I was doing a little quilting this weekend, and guess what I realized? I have enough mosaic blocks for a quilt. Yay!

I have to say, it hasn’t been the most quilty couple of weeks. Sometimes a girl’s heart turns to knitting …

IMG_0636because it’s cold and gloomy (not that I complain about the weather), and it feels good to curl up with some wool.

The pattern I’m knitting is called Aidez, by the way, and you can find it here:


Happy listening!

7 Replies to “Episode 133: Mosaic Blocks, baby!”

  1. Fitbit isn’t so much about competition as it is about encouragement. I have two friends that I will never beat on steps. I don’t feel competitive about it at all. I love being able to ‘tease’ or ‘taunt’ to encourage others. Motivation is how I see my friend’s stats.

    I envy you your knitting talents. I have tried many times but just do not get along with it well. I do crochet a lot, but it just never looks like knitting to me…always too bulky looking…

    Good for you on the quilty progressions! Your mosaic blocks have given me an idea of what to (maybe) do with a big bunch of 1.25″ half square triangles I have!!!

    Loved hearing you again…hope you and your family stay well!

  2. So happy to hear that your mother is in remission! My sweet little mama, who is 95, had surgery for breast cancer two years ago and so far, so good.

    I tried to read the book about walking old roads a while back and it seems like I liked it, or maybe I just wanted to like it, but I didn’t stick with it very long. Also agree with you on dark topics. I thought Donna Tartt’s first book was the best thing ever. Now, I just want to spend my time in better places.

  3. Yep, the FitBit counts the elliptical as steps. And when I’ve compared what the elliptical step count was with my FitBit, they’re pretty much dead-on. Plus, be sure to get into your activity log on the FitBit dashboard and look for “machine sewing” and “standing–arts and crafts” (or something along those lines), to log your calorie burn while quilting. Okay, so it’s not much, but some days I’ll take every burned calorie I can get! Love the mosaic blocks–very well done! Glad to hear about your mom–give her my love. And I just stuck my fingers in my ears and hummed a little tune to myself while you were talking about knitting, so no contagion here.

  4. The Mosaic blocks look marvelous (and very artistically laid out). I look forward to seeing the completed quilt top soon.

    How does this work for a “tag line”? : Thank you for listening to The Off-Kilter Quilt, Where a Straight Line’s a State of Mind.

  5. What wonderful news regarding your mom. I cannot imagine her positive attitude that one can hear in her voice when she visits your podcast didn’t help her – at least a bit – get through this life challenge. Lessons.

    Oh Frances, how I would love to feel rain on my face. It has been a long, long time for Los Angeles to have more than a spritz and I kind of envy your neck of the woods. While 85 degrees in January sounds great, I wouldn’t have minded a little bit of winter. Oh, I guess I do complain about the weather!

    Love the mosaic blocks for sure.

  6. Love your knitting, I gave up doing much knitting since one of my kitties likes to chew on wool. I keep my sweaters hung up, that’s for sure!! While you are curled up with your knitting, watch “Bomb Girls” on Netflix streaming-about a bomb factory in Canada during WWII, I really enjoyed the series. I forget how many there were, but the story line kept moving along! Glad to hear about your Mom too. Are you doing Scrapitude with us?? I’m happy the way mine is coming out since I was not really happy with the last scrap quilt I did, so here’s hoping! Thanks for all the great podcasts and here’s hoping Spring comes early!

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