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  1. This was such a fun podcast. December went by so fast and listening to your diaries reminded me of both the good times and how happy I am that it is now January. I also love your applique quilt. It looks wonderful and the painted ladies are perfect. The Victorians in San Francisco are called painted ladies too.

    Frances, I did not know that applique pressing sheets were used the way you described. Who knew? I thought they were to keep the schmutz from the Steam a Seam off of your iron. Excellent to know for the future!

  2. Love the Christmas Ladies quilt! Victorian houses painted in all those colors are called “painted ladies,” so you weren’t really off. I always wanted to own one of them and renovate it (although now it’s not possible for various reasons.)

    KellyV, there’s a difference between Applique Pressing Sheets and Pressing Cloth. An APS is slick so you can iron, and the glue won’t leave where it’s supposed to be (or adhere to what it’s not), but a regular pressing cloth is something you use between the iron and a sensitive fabric to keep it from scorching. I have an “official” one, but I used to just use a FQ of a thicker muslin. (They are usually used in garment making.)

    Speaking of funky trees. After many years of not decorating, I ended up wanting to do SOMETHING, so I took my drying rack and turned it into a tree. It was festive and didn’t shed. (I did miss the smell of a real tree, though.)

    Sorry I haven’t replied in a long time (I’ve been listening, but I’ve spent my writing time actually writing…a New Year’s (sort of) resolution (started in November.) Love your podcast.

  3. Frances,
    Really nice work. I am glad you love applique’. Your podcast inspired to starting *thinking* about working on an applique’ project I have going. We’ll see if I actually work on it. I agree with KellyV that it was nice to hear a series of quit diaries (of course, I love it when you post each week). I think it prolonged the season and reminded me of the good things. I am glad that Quiltin’ Jenny’s Grand Plan was helpful. I have resolved to buy stocking stuffers earlier/throughout the year as I always seem to leave them until the last minute and then run around like a crazy person spending too much much on them.

    I look forward to working on the quilt sampler with you in 2014.

  4. Hi Frances, Thanks for telling us about the applique pressing sheet. Like Kelly, I thought it was to protect your ironing board cover. So, I didn’t know what I didn’t know or thought I knew….something. Happy New Year!

  5. Me again! Just listened to your podcast and it was great to hear that you enjoyed the fusible applique! It’s my favorite technique. Thanks for the kind words regarding the quilt that could not be saved. I’m glad you weren’t upset that I had commented in defense of the designers. Sounds like a fabulous Christmas week. I love Angela Walter’s book, I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it.

  6. I understand the issues with Rt. 15/501. I have my own issues were certain bridges. There are some bridges near here that make me break out in a cold sweat, even as a passenger!

  7. Your Christmas applique is so darn cute! I just love looking at it. JoAnn vs. Hancock. This week I took a friend of mine to JoAnn’s for the first time. I think I love this store a bit more than Hancock. Since both shops are a good 30 miles away I prefer a shop that has all my crafting supplies that I need. It must be store by store, because this JoAnne’s was neat and tidy. The lady at the cutting table took extra care on cutting my fabric. I will probably shop at both stores but since I am a JoAnn newbie, I will probably want to shop there a tad more.
    As for my friend, I am trying to talk her into quilting. She doesn’t do a lot of sewing but has some special fabrics that she wants to cherish. I told her that quilting is a wonderful way to have the fabrics as a keepsake. Even a simple pattern like squares sewn together can be real special. I hope that she will at least try to make a simple quilt because we all know once you make a quilt you are hooked!
    Thank you Miss Frances for a wonderful podcast.

  8. Hey Francis (hope didn’t spell it wrong cause I can hear you cussing if I did)! Just wanted to say I listened to your latest episode yesterday, or most of it, I’m a bit confused because of the diaries and I kept pausing it to do stuff. But just wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful Christmas quilt. It’s nice to finally get to see it. Did you design it yourself? Anyway you don’t have to answer that, I kind of started listening to your podcasts from the beginning and got impatient half way through and have kind of lost track. But today I downloaded everything to my ipod finally, so hopefully will get back on track.
    Still caught in the time warp. It is so confusing because even though I’ve been listening to Sandy in order, and Susan you are another matter, and when you hear one of the others talking about what is going on with for example you, before I’m at that point in your podcast it is so confusing. Sorry that’s MY rant for the day!


  9. Just started listening to your podcasts. I really enjoyed. I have 3 more to go. Your applique is gorgeous. I haven’t tackled anything that detailed yet, but I am working on a project right now called “My Jersey Girl”. Can’t wait to see how it comes out. Keep the podcasts coming.

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