13 Replies to “Episode 131: Did I miss Thanksgiving?”

  1. I see some ANGELA WALTER’S influence on the FMQ on your MODERN MAPLE MUDDLE… YOU go girl. I will be back to comment after I have listened to the podcast…

    Like the circular geese … I have never tried it… I will have to give it a try… looks like fun.


  2. Oh, the quilts look great. The Modern Maple looks quite modern and I like the modern quilting very much. The colors in the geese sing. I remember when Christmas Story came out and I remember how much we laughed. What a great film.

  3. Hi Frances, (sorry if that is the wrong spelling) Just wanted to say I love it . So glad to see it. I was just listening to your podcast yesterday, so it’s interesting to see this on my reader this morning. Love the leaves and colors. Love your podcast. You are very amusing!

  4. Hi Frances,

    Your Modern Maple looks great! I am going to think about taking the Angela Walters class. I also love the Flying Geese Circle. Is this a commercial pattern available for sale? I would love to try it.

    “He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know,” runs through our minds whenever our 20 year old son comes home from college, and tells us how the world works, and how much we don’t know. Of course we don’t say a word, just nod and smile. And ask him for techie help – we know we don’t know much about that.

  5. Great episode. You kept me company on my drive to the quilt shop today for a Christmas party of sorts. I think the varied background fabrics in your Maples quilt add more interest. I doubt I would be as fond of it were the backgrounds all the same. So great choice on your part.

    And congratulations on conquering paper piecing. I think it’s more like a mind shift as opposed to a difficult skill. It’s just sewing straight lines and you know how to do that. So I congratulate you on wrangling your brain to wrap your head around the backwards part of paper piecing. In a month, you will look back and wonder what the “issue” was anyway.

  6. Very nicely done. I love the randomness of the leaves.

    Great job on the geese – that is a great block; I am sure it will be beautiful and knowing you it will be done in no time.

  7. Love your Modern Maple and choice of colors. That purple leaf adds some zing! The quilting on it is so nice. I too can see the Angela influences. I also love the pop of color in the binding.

    You’re flying geese are amazing! I can’t wait to see it completed. I echo Sandy – watch the Carol Doak DVD. She’s the master and has perfected the technique.

    I’ve taken a bunch of Craftsy classes and being a longarmer, the quilting ones attract me. I’ve taken both all of Angela’s classes and learned from all. I also *love* Cindy Needham’s class. I don’t intend to do a whole cloth but so much good info there. The one on quilting borders is good too.

  8. Thank you for your podcast! Enjoying your comments while i work.

    Your colors are wonderful in your modern maple and the geese.

    You make me want to quilt! I am currently 9+ months pregnant and getting to the sewing machine is a serious challenge.

  9. The Modern Maple turned out lovely, and I adore those geese. I am so NOT a fan of paper piecing, but might have to give it another try and make some of those blocks.

    Glad you are enjoying the Holiday Grand Plan posts. If I got nothing else accomplished, the freezer meals have saved me this year.

    So happy for your mom and your whole family that she is finished with her last chemo treatment. She remains in my prayers.

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