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  1. I have read the first couple of Jan Karon novels as well. I have actually read them a couple of times, because I like the characters and the stories. At some point in the series, (the third or fourth book perhaps?) she starts really getting preachy with the religion. I don’t mind that the people go to church and have faith, or even express their faith out loud, in the first few books, but as the author moves through the series, I start to feel like she is trying to convert me. I really can’t speak to the dialect issue as I just find it annoying to read the ungrammatical English and try and figure out what she is trying to say.

  2. Fran, I’m awfully sorry to hear your mom is sick. I’ll be praying for you both. It sounds like things are going as well as they can be which is good news. Enjoy your garden! What do you plant in a fall garden? We don’t have those in MA!

  3. Well, it was so good to hear your voice this week. I think your mom’s spirit that comes through when she shares your podcast is such a plus – not that we can wish away illness, but that how we experience recovery does matter. And Southern California prayers are winging their way across the continent.

    I just got, The Sound of Your Voice, Only Really Far Away, and am so looking forward to this book. I am trying to figure out my routine(s) too in this new paradigm I am experiencing of retirement. I have so many things I want to do I am fumbling a bit. But I will get this down in time.

    Since you don’t complain about the weather, I will try not to complain about the thick soup of unusual humidity in L.A. this weekend. Don’t like it, don’t like it.

  4. Re: Pumpkin faces. Why don’t you do fusible applique? I am sure you can find some pumpkin faces that would be suitable for applique’ (or you can modify them). Also, I think trying to find a number of different pumpkin fabrics with different faces in the same scale would be difficult. If the fabrics were in different scales and colors (slightly more browny-orange for example), then piece might not have the cohesiveness that you want. If you type pumpkin applique pattern and look at images there are a number of designs that might inspire you. I am pretty sure you have the skills to make your own design or adapt one that you have seen.

  5. i’m so sorry to hear about your mom–but glad to hear that she isn’t feeling the chemo too badly–will be praying for you & your mom & your family.
    i do hope that you’ll be back in the podcasting saddle–it’s always fun to have your podcast going on while i sew! btw, did you know Susan Branch (i’m a long-time fan) also has fabric available? i don’t think she has a new line out recently. they’re very much in the style of her watercolors–i’ve been hoarding my collection of her fabrics and finally made a quilt with them recently. oh, and the newest issue of american patchwork & quilting has a halloween quilt on its cover. i don’t like halloween colors (black and orange) but the quilt is cute. good luck on your search!

  6. Thanks for sharing about your mom. I’m sorry she’s having to face this, but so glad she’s tolerating it well. A friend is going through chemo right now and I agree that it seems like they’re getting better at making it not almost kill you.

    I went to Mass right after I listened to the episode, and was praying for your mother. Then the priest gave a beautiful homily about friendship. He talked about how pride gets in the way of a friendship, and how sometimes when things are bad we are too proud to ask for or accept help, but that sharing what is going on and accepting the help we need is a sign that we are truly friends. (I know pride was not your issue, but your mother’s privacy, but stay with me here.) Thank you for treating us listeners as your friends and allowing us the blessing of praying for your mother. Even having never met in real life, we care about you and about her. I hope as she continues her treatment that she can feel all the prayers and positive thoughts surrounding her and lifting her up.

    On a lighter note, I’m so glad you mentioned Susan Branch. I first read her work back when I was a new bride and someone gave me The Heart of the Home and also her wedding memory book. I love her art and her voice. I haven’t read A Fine Romance, but will have to pick it up now that you’ve mentioned it.

    Take care, and hope to hear you soon. I miss your voice!

  7. Those are such beautiful fabrics, Frances! I’m glad you’re back to podcasting, we missed you a lot! I say we because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one… I am not the praying type, but I can send heartfelt and warm get-well wishes to your Mom! Hope She keeps getting better!
    I also like Susan Branch, her style is so relaxing. And a plus that she lives a few hours away makes me able to relate to the New England lifestyle.
    Thank you for such a relaxing style podcast, I’m always looking forward to hearing your lovely voice!

  8. Hey Frances. I listened to your podcast a few days ago and I just cannot get you and your Mom out of my mind. This past weekend was a charity run to raise funds for cancer research and treatment and, while it was not for your Mum’s particular type of cancer, she was in my heart and thoughts the entire run … along with far too many others.

    Family support means everything when going through aggressive cancer treatment. I speak from experience. So I am sure your Mum is doing so well, in part, because of the love she feels from you.

    I do hope she continues to weather her treatments and I pray her recovery is swift and complete. Nice people simply should not get cancer.

  9. Francis, I too listened to you podcast a few days ago and am holding your family, especially mother, in the light, in the hopes that her recovery will continue unimpeded.

    Thank you for your book reviews. I am currently reading The Law of Similars, set in my neighboring state of VT, an excellent book.

  10. Frances, I just jumped over to your blog to see how you are doing. Haven’t listened to the podcast but I’m going to right now. I don’t know details, but I’m here for you. Seriously. I mean, I’m all the way in Seattle 🙂 so I can’t bring you dinner or anything, but I can share your journey, I’m on the same one. Prayers for all…

  11. How is your mother doing? I hope the medication and the treatments are helping her and not leaving her drained, tired and weak. My thoughts are with you, your mother and family.

    I agree with Terje, nice people should not get cancer.

    When you record your podcasts outdoors, I find the sounds of the birds so peaceful. I don’t think I have every mentioned that to you in the past.

  12. Frances, somehow I missed that your mom was sick. I popped over here to see if you were blogging instead of podcasting because I’ve missed hearing your voice. I will be thinking about your mom and sending lots of healing thoughts her way.

  13. Frances, thinking of you and you family and continuing to hold you all in the light. Miss your chats but understand how hard it is to share at this time. Sending good thoughts your way.

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