6 Replies to “Episode 122: The Very, Very Late Episode”

  1. I’ve been wondering how you were doing and if you were visiting Okracoke again this year. I was checking all my pods yesterday for new episodes 🙂 So glad to see you’ve got one up. I’m off to listen while I prep some burgers for the grill! Happy Independence Day!

  2. As usual, another entertaining podcast. Ocracoke always sounded like a quaint place to visit and it is too bad that it is getting “modernized”. That has happened to a lot of the towns on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Until recently they were places that time had forgotten.

    For Nonnie, here is a link to a really simple baby quilt that I am making. I used 6 fq with different, coordinated puppy prints. Using this technique, and making the 8 inch blocks, It is going together really quickly.

  3. I will comment on the Outer Banks. I spent a few years as a student of dance at East Carolina University, and the head of the dance department was the choreographer for The Lost Colony outdoor drama in Manteo, on Roanoke Island. This is the island between Nagshead on the Outer Banks and the mainland of NC., which is a good way up the coast from Ocracoke and not as isolated. We ECU ballet students made up about half of the dancers in that production, and I was there two summers running. It was long ago, and on each subsequent visit back to the NC coast, I have been saddened to see the rabid development.

    About ten years after those two summers on the island, I camped on the National Seashore near Ocracoke, and the encroachment upon the village was not nearly as bad, at that time, as farther north. I’m sad but not surprised to hear of the changes Frances describes ( including “cokeheads”, etc ). Is nothing special enough to keep unspoiled? Thank God for government ownership of the National Seashore.

  4. I’m catching up on podcasts after a vacation in the mountains of southwest Colorado, where we mostly turned off the technology for a couple of weeks. I enjoyed your description of Ocracoke. And it’s true that places change. My family camped in Yosemite during my childhood – a place that is now so crowded I think there are lotteries for some of the hikes.

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