Episode 121: Hello, Summer!

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School is over and done with, at last! Here’s a couple of pix of me and the happy graduates:

jackgrad[1]Jack, totally not happy about having to get out of bed to graduate (or having his picture taken).

willdgrad-1-2Me and Will making silly faces. Note the untied tie. Will is now officially against ties.

So, did I finish the Green & White and White & Green quilts? You betcha!

The Green & White …




And the White & Green …



IMG_0192Above: the label my mom made for the White & Green quilt. Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but you at least get an idea of how nice the label is. Thanks, Mom!

And now …. back to the Mosaic quilt! Here’s what I have so far:

IMG_0198Have a great week. Don’t forget to comment if you want to be included in the drawing for the $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop! Deadline: June 13th.

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  1. The green and white and the white and green quilts are lovely. But I’m especially partial to the mosaic quilt, since I recently finished a Lady of the Lake quilt which is similar. Maybe you can see it in my gravatar.
    (I am sure you realize that your pink and white block on the left needs to turn 90 degrees clockwise!)

  2. Both quilts are gorgeous! Amazing how different they are just switching the two colors. I really love them even though I don’t have much green in my stash and – just realizing – I hardly ever use green. Will have to rethink that!

    Also, do you still need blues for the mosaic quilt? Now there’s a color I have plenty of in my stash! Let me know and I’ll send you some.

  3. Yea, the green/white/green quilts got done. I am sure that the recipients were so pleased and honored to receive such beautiful gifts. And that mosaic quilt is coming along beautifully.

  4. hi frances! i love your green and white quilts. both of them! i love the pics of your boys even more. i raised 3 boys and have been going through all of our photos. i’d say at least 75% of them has one of the boys making a face or doing the devil’s horns behind a brother. aaaaah good times! nancyb

  5. Hi Frances,

    The green and white quilts are both lovely! I think I forgot to comment last week, so happy Podiversary! My most recent quilt finish was a panel for the Dream Rocket, which is an art installation to wrap a Saturn V Rocket with quilt panels. My father was a rocket scientist, so I made a panel in his honor.

    Thanks for the new book suggestions, and I have one to pass on to you. Mink River by Brian Doyle, set in a fictional Oregon coastal town, includes native Americans, Irish immigrants, a bit of magical realism and a wise crow.

    The rain sounds lovely, by the way, but we are looking forward to a long stretch of sunny days in Oregon this week.

  6. I love both of your quilts!

    You were talking about how quilters don’t often make quilts for other quilters. Two years ago I made a quilt for a quilter friend, and I got the most amazing reaction from her: She hugged me; she cried; she was overwhelmed. She said she had no quilts of her own because she was always making them for her family and friends. It was really fun to give someone a quilt who knows how much work goes into them!

    I agree with you about the multiple graduations being unnecessary. There could be some sort of awards ceremony and celebration at the end of elementary and middle schools, but multiple graduations seem silly to me.

  7. Happy Pod -aversary, (sp ?) love your podcast. Your quilts are beautiful. My next quilt is going to be a green/white quilt. A friend who loves Michigan State colors, is suffering from MD, hope I can find all the beautiful green fabrics like you have used. Thanks for all the work put into the podcast.

  8. Love the quilts – green is my favorite color. And the pictures of the boys is priceless. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. These quilts are lovely. I feel so proud when I see how far you have come. Of course, the work is all yours, but I still feel proud. Your boys don’t look like I imagined!

  10. Two finishes of the fabric sort and two finishes of the offspring sort. Way to go. The quilts and the young men are all fantastic. You are pretty darn fantastic yourself! I admit to enjoying the grumpy picture. My sons never put much stock in ceremonies and I fought to get them to play along. The untied tie is something you can use as ammo in years to come. Love it!

  11. I love the green/white and white/green quits. Maybe I missed it but what is the name of the pattern? Cute pictures. Your bangs with Will is a good look. Are we ever going to meet “the man”?

  12. I haven’t listened yet- but had to say how lovely your quilts turned out! I love how the border really sets off the White and Green quilt. Love the pics with your boys- so handsome! Summer here we come! We still have two more days of school…

  13. Hi Frances, I love your podcast. The green quilts are fabulous, can’t wait to see the mosaic quilt finished. I have always wanted to do one, thanks for the inspiration. I loved the sound of the rain in your podcast, it had a nice calming effect.

  14. Oh, the quilts are so, so lovely. I can bet the recipients were amazed and pleased. It is also nice to be the weather nerd that I am because your intro made me so happy with the sound of that rain. We have had almost no rain – negligible amounts this past year, and I could almost pretend it was happening here.

    Maybe you could talk about how your Mama made that label. It looks excellent.

  15. Always LOVE your podcast, always informative, fun with lots of great tips and I love your voice too! Both of those quilts are fantastic! I am sure their recipients will remember you warmly for such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. My son always hated having his picture taken, but my 14 year old daughter doesn’t mind, she’s very photogenic too. Take Care!

    Also, I want to let you know how inspired I am by you and the other podcasting ladies. You personally are a big part of inspiring me to get back into the quilting and sewing saddle. Would love to win the gift certificate! Thanks for offering it.

    Thanks, Fran

  16. Frances, I am a new listener to your podcast and thought I would look up your blog as well to see the pictures you mentioned. Both of your recent finishes are just lovely!

    I wanted to chime in on a few things you talked about in your last 2 podcasts. First, the quilt labels – I used to attach them before quilting and quilt through them, but I thought it looked a little strange. I’ve since gone back to attaching them after the quilting and I think it looks crisper somehow. I doubt any of my quilts would attract the eyes of a thief, but even if I quilted through the label, I don’t think it is hard for anyone to just sew a new one on top of it. I recently saw someone use alpha-numeric stitches on their fancy machine to label the binding strips themselves – that would be difficult to remove/forge! Sometimes you just have to let go of these worries though.

    Also, with regard to your “summer” class taking on Craftsy. I’ve taken a few machine quilting classes and can highly recommend the one by Cindy Needham (Design it, Quilt it), and both by Angela Walters. All three are excellent, but I think Cindy’s might have more of the “what to quilt where” aspect you were looking for.

    Keep up the great podcasting. I look forward to you returning to your once a week schedule.

  17. First off, Will is a real cutie and looks just like you! I like both of your quilts and am certain that the teachers who receive them will feel really honored. Hope you and your family enjoy the summer!

  18. Well, I took you on my run today and you and I just finished 5.8 miles while you talked. NICE! I had lots of things to comment on. I doubt I will remember half of them. One thing – you have the Kimberly Einmo (sp?) Craftsy class, right? The Mystery one? She has a technique for sewing blocks together to keep them properly positioned. While the painters tape technique is perfect, for smaller stuff, her technique seems awesome. Check it out.

    The rain! OMG! That was such a great sound. We have huge fires here and no rain in sight. My quilt friend, one of my very best friend, just lost her house last night including all of her quilts – some made by her Grandmother, many made herself and three made by me. The sound of rain was “almost” as good as rain itself.

    The border on the w/g quilt definitely works well. It would be more modern without it but, I agree that with your color choices it might not have been as “wow!” Great call on your part.

    Quilting labels. Great discussion. I frankly have always put my label on last. Why? Because that’s how Mum does it. It goes on just before the binding, right in a corner. But your reasons for considering placing it earlier have merit. I think I shall try that and see how it goes. I have to quilt a quilt top for my sister this week (taking it to her when I travel at the end of the month) so this will be a great time to try out something new. I always learn stuff from you and our other podcast friends.

    I must listen to your podcast again to catch the name and author you mentioned. Her book sounds like it was made for me to read. Being a Jewish Lesbian who loves to read, it’s gotta be good.

    Perhaps more later if I remember the other comments.

  19. Cute pix! Do you have a picture of Jack at his 4th Grade Graduation ceremony to compare with Will’s?

    Katie devoured your book and will be in touch re same.

    All the best.

  20. My absolute favorite thing in all these quilt pictures is that fabric that looks like it has sea urchins all over it. Is that the back of the quilt? I would definitely have that side showing all the time if the quilt were mine. I LOVE IT

  21. Great quilts—what lucky women to receive them. I’ve been so far behind on podcasts but I am finally catching up with you!

    Thanks for the book titles to try out. You had mentioned Sarah Dressen earlier so I passed that on to my daughter to read one to see if 13 year old granddaughter would like them. I’ll check one out of the library. I try to read some of the same books that granddaughter and daughter read, fun to keep up with granddaughter’s changing age and book experience.

    Have you read Jeanne Birdsall’s book series on the Penderwicks? We had fun with those when Katherine was younger and she still claims them as favorites.

    Keep talking because we’re out here listening! jill

  22. I just finished listening to this podcast episode. Loved hearing the rain in the background of your first segment. We’ve had days and days of over 90 degree weather in New England recently, and the rain sounded so relaxing and refreshing!

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