Episode 120: Podcastiversary Big No. 3!

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That’s right, folks: Three years and counting! Thanks for listening–and for talking back!

Want to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop? Then leave your comment on this post by Thursday, June 13th. Tell me where you’re listening from and a little bit about the quilts you make. Are you a traditional quilter? Modern? A hybrid quilter like me? Include a picture–of yourself and/or your quilts if you want.

Here’s where I am on the White & Green quilt (as opposed to the Green & White quilt). I’m still revising a bit as to color placement, but you get the general idea. I’ve got a little over a week to get ‘er done. Yikes! As you can see, the far-right blocks are hanging off the edge of my design wall:

IMG_0129In case you’re wondering, unlike the Green & White quilt, this quilt will have a border, which it definitely needs.

Have a great couple of weeks. Back soon!

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  1. Congrads on your pods birthday. I enjoy hearing about your boys, quilts and life in general. I am a fiber art quilter….Thank you, so much for the drawing but I have a nuff stuff! Please count me in as a fan and out as a receiver of you kindness. shelly beth

  2. Congrats on 3 years! I love listening to your podcast. I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and I would say I am a traditional quilter. Haven’t completed many quilts in the last 2 years because I spend all of my time with my 2 year old.

  3. Hi Frances. Cngrats on 3 years, boy that time has flown since I first heard your voice. Looking forward to the next 3 years. Love the white Nd green quilt, though I would move one block on the bottom row, evening out the darker pieces. Hope you like a little suggestion. Right, I live in a small town called Bannockburn, in Australia. I love traditional quilts, stitchery quilts especially. Love to hand piece. Am a longarmer part-time and wish for more time to sew and quilt for myself. Take care. Vanessa

  4. Hi Frances. Congratulations on your pod-iversary. I have loved each and every one of your fab episodes. I listen to you from the beautiful state of Colorado which is just about the best place on earth. Having been a military brat, I have lived in many locations, so my opinion is backed with some semblance of research.

    On a quilting front, I do lots of different things. Some is more traditional and some is more modern. With a few exceptions, my work is all original designs but I cannot compare myself to professional designers. I love batik fabrics, gravitate to the warmer colors and am learning more about value and how it makes a good quilt become great.

    My current projects include one I am designing with the help of my three year old Grandson, Xyrell. We are having such a great time selecting colors, placing them on the design wall and sewing them together. We will experiment with photo transfer and photo tinting as part of this project. He and I will quilt it together once it is big enough to keep the dreams tucked in at night.

    I would include a photo but I am at a loss on how to accomplish that within the confines of a comment.

  5. Congrats. I’ve listened to your podcast since the beginning. Thanks for 3 fun years. I subscribe through iTunes and either listen in my car or while in my studio. I am mostly a traditional quilter but becoming a mixed breed 🙂

  6. I had no internet last night so did not get the pdC d/l til this am …. Grandson had his pre-school graduation … he was so cute. Announced he was now a big boy cause he is a kindergartner.

    Love the quilt … very traditional pattern. Back into podcasting my self… you are right … the podcasting community is great.

    STITCHER …. is now developing a system to load podcast into a car computer to allow listening when you drive.. that will really expand podcasting.


  7. Congrats on #3. I’ve enjoyed every one of your podcasts. I listen from Hampstead, MD. I am a slow, modern quilter. I recently completed a quilt for my new niece. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Congrats on your podcastiversary! I love listening to your show because my sister lives down your way (in Goldsboro, same state) and I live way up here in New England (just north of Boston). I’ve only visited her a handful (or should that be hand full?) of times, so it’s cool hearing about things going on down there.

    I usually listen on my computer. I can turn the sound up and sew at the same time. (I live in an apartment and space is at a premium, so my work area, my quilting area and my sleeping area are all in the same room.)

    As for what kind of quilter I am. I’m a quilter. I just make stuff that intrigues me and buy fabric that I like, if it seems “modern” or “traditional” that’s really a distinction other people make, not me.

    I don’t know how to include an image in the comments, but my blog has my most recent quilts, if you’re interested.

  9. Congrats! Love listening to you and the birds in the background. I listen to you and the other podcasters in my sewing room. Great inspiration. I’m more traditional than modern, but have been known to make an art quilt or two.
    Thanks for podcasting!!

  10. Congrats on your podcast celebration. I discovered quilting podcasts about a year and a half ago and I have been so inspired by all of you. I live in Rochester, MN and I really enjoy hearing about your mild NC weather when we are freezing and digging out from various cold climate issues.

    I have been quilting for almost 20 years. I took a bit of a break about 5 years ago but I am back with a passion. I love all aspects if quilting and I am working on developing my free motion quilting.

    Thanks so much for podcasting. I am a frequent commenter in my head. I just wish I remembered to share them with you!

    All my best,
    Brenda F

  11. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary Frances. I’m an occasional commenter but I’ve listened to each and every episode. I’m writing to you from Nanaimo, BC (Canada) on beautiful Vancouver Island!

  12. Commenting just to comment, don’t enter me in the giveaway because I don’t need fabric.

    I guess I have been listening for more than a year, maybe two full years. In many episodes you describe experiences which parallel, sometimes weirdly closely, my own, as a parent if not as a sewist (or whatever the term is, we know we can’t write “sewer”). My comments would be too long if I listed all the stuff you mention to which I can “relate”, as we used to say back in the day.

    This time it’s the school volunteering. I have a daughter in a private school—I refuse to say “independent” schools because I know it must have been some PR person who came up with that idea. She will be in the upper school, 9th grade, next year.

    My history of school volunteerism is checkered. I was first soured on it when, out in a rural county, my daughter was in the 1st grade at public school. I established and chaired a playground improvement and safety committee. My husband and I did most of the work of this committee. The attitude towards the condition of the equipment, supervision, etc. was truly cavalier. Even though the children had once discovered a copperhead under the monkey bars, the teachers did not inspect the playground before the children used it each day. Among other things, I wrote a grant for a large sun shade from the American Association of Dermatologists in partnership with Johnson and Johnson. I was overjoyed when we were awarded $8000 to buy and install a sun shade on the playground. I carefully chose a large industrial shade structure which would cover most of the equipment. (The principal wanted a gazebo, but I knew it would just be a place for the teachers to sit, because that was what they did when they were out there during recess already—which was a clear violation of state regulations for school playground supervision. They are required to circulate among the kids.)

    By the time the shade arrived, at the end of that school year, we had decided to move to Asheville and I was not around to see—or oversee—the installation. We drove past the school one day later that summer, and I was SHOCKED AND APPALLED AND INCREDULOUS to see that the shade had been installed FACING NORTH. It could not possibly have afforded any appreciable shade on that playground at all.

  13. Hearty congratulations on three years of podcasting. Three years goes by way too fast. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, recently nominated as the most boring city in Canada, which we did not win, however, because we were far too excited to be nominated! I have been quilting and/or sewing since I was about 8 years old, but really only made it my go-to hobby about 12 years ago. I must say all the quilty podcasts have been a great source of inspiration to me, and what I most enjoy about yours is your vast and wonderful vocabulary. It’s just a joy to my ears.

  14. Congratulations on your 3 year podcastaversary (is that how you spell it?)! I’ve been listening to you since the beginning.

    I started sewing when I was about 8. My mother got me to do all the stay-stitching on the clothing she made. I graduated to doll clothes, and then to my own clothes. I am more of a piecer than a quilter. I have lots of unquilted tops.

    We live in central Virginia, and right now I am a mostly scrap quilter due to finances. We have 2 kids in college, and one more in high school, so my quilting funds are scarce right now. But not scarce enough for me to want to go back to work. I have plenty of scraps to keep me busy for a very long time!

    I have also experienced the school volunteer burnout you are going through. I am not sure about private schools, but many public school parents do no volunteering, and I’m pretty sure they are not eaten up with guilt. Take some time off if you need a break!

  15. Hi Frances! Congratulations on your podcastaversary. Three years is a fantastic milestone, and I hope you continue for a long time.

    I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and love to listen to you when I’m driving to and from work.

    If you looked at the quilts I have made, you would think I’m a traditional quilter. And I do love traditional quilts, and there are many that I want to make. But lately, I have been hearing the siren song of the modern quilts!

    I don’t know how to attach a photo, but I think if you click on my name, my photo shows up with my profile.

  16. Happy Podcastaversary! Can’t believe it’s been three years, and I’ve been listening since almost the beginning!

    I’m in a northern suburb of Atlanta and mostly listen to you while driving my kids around, but sometimes while I’m quilting or cooking dinner too.

    I love listening to you because so many times you express so clearly something I’ve thought about that I want to say “Stop spying on me!”

    As for volunteering, you should always be able to say no if you need a break. Out there is someone who doesn’t volunteer because she’s a little hesitant or shy or uncertain and thinks, “Well, I’ll do it if no one else does.” All the eager moms who always sign up for everything jump in and, yes, do 90% of the work and sometimes think less of those who don’t, but then that hesitant person never gets a chance. By saying no you are giving her a chance to share her gifts. By saying no, you are actually doing a good deed! WIN!

    Keep podcasting so we can hear your lovely thoughts, updates on the boys and The Man and Travis, plus occasional visits with Mom. You are wonderful company in the car pool line or while chopping vegetables, and I thank you for letting us into your life.

  17. Congratulations on 3 years. I have listened the whole time some times while quilting sometimes while doing chores or working out.
    I live in Albuquerque New Mexico, the always sunny land of enchantment and good green chile.

    As for quilting. I tend to be a modern quilter who despises wonky and improvisational. I have done traditional and art quilts but keep coming back to a modern ascetic with out the wonky.

  18. Wohoo! 3 years- I can’t believe it’s been this long- thank you for sharing your journey with us- I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcast!

    I listen to you from Omaha, Nebraska where I would classify myself just as a quilter who likes new techniques & layouts- no matter the specific style. If the quilt ends up to be not my personal style- well, there’s usually someone around who declares it perfect for them!

  19. I love your podcast. Would you consider increasing your bandwidth? I often have to try over the course of several days to get your podcast to play or download. It’s frustrating. I don’t have this problem with other podcasts, so I figured it might be something to do with bandwidth.
    Thanks for the consideration,

  20. I have often wondered if I enjoy your podcast so much because you are a storyteller and your podcast tells your listeners a story of a life lived well. I, too, love to hear the birds in the backyard or Travis contributing to the soundtrack. Life in L.A. is so different than life in North Carolina but hearing about your quilting life, your family, and your writing life, as well as, your work in volunteering makes it seem not so different. I am glad that the pressures of May this year did not bring on last year’s stomach ills.

    Having your listeners write about themselves has been fun reading, too, this time in the comments.

    So here is to a grand 4th year of podcasting. Thanks for all the hard work it takes to produce this story of the life of a quilter in NC.

  21. I love when you say “dag.” It reminds me of my teenage son who has a habit of saying “dag, yo.” 🙂 That is all.

  22. May, 2010….I was staying in Goldsboro, NC with my daughter and her husband as they anticipated the birth of their baby. He introduced me to podcasts, and yours was the first I found, and really, the only one I still listen to! I would walk around their neighborhood and listen to you. Now, back home in Las Vegas, I listen and imagine I’m in beautiful NC with you. Jack Henry just turned 3, and they now live in Arizona, so you are my only NC connection left. I suppose I’m a traditional quilter, and mostly use patterns. I have a goal to make wedding quilts for all my (17 so far) grandchildren. I have 2 1/2 done, luckily the children range in age from 17 to 2 so I have a few more years. I also enjoy making charity quilts, and hoping the recipients will feel the love I try to put into them.
    Thank you for all the hours of pleasure you have given your listeners. You are an inspiration!

  23. I can’t believe it has been 3 years! I have listened to you from the beginning. I love your podcast, maybe for the same reason that Kelly V said- you are a natural storyteller. I remember finding out that you were a writer and being so excited to find out that my daughter and her friends were big fans 🙂

    I listen to you from Southern California, usually while I am walking the dog or running errands. You always inspire me to get back to quilting! We are similar ages, with kids about the same age, so I often feel we are kindred spirits.

    I am both a modern and traditional quilter- I switch it up depending on what fabric inspires me. Keep doing what you are doing- we love it!

  24. 3 years! Oh my, I too have listened from the beginning, and it’s been fun to be with you on your journey. I make modern or art quilts for me, traditional ones for bed quilts, as a general rule. I knit a lot, and learned to spin this past year, and you kindof help keep me in the quilting world!

  25. Francis,
    Happy 3rd Podcastaversary! I have listened to you from the very beginning. Thank you for keeping me company while sewing, walking and driving to/from work. I live in Goodyear, AZ but am originally from Ohio.

    As far as quilting, well…… I mostly do smaller projects, most are machine embroidered wall quilts. I did participate in Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery Quilt Along and am very impressed with my queen size quilt top. I want to add borders and it still needs to be quilted, but it is put away until I gain a little more quilting confidence on my Baby Lock Tiara (sit down quilting machine). Right now, I am quilting a larger raw edge applique Poinsettia wall quilt. I may even finish it this week-end.

    Your deadline for commenting for the drawing is on my birthday, and It would be a great birthday present if you drew my name on the 13th!

    I really enjoy listening and hope that you will continue to podcast for a long time to come.
    ~June in AZ

  26. Happy Podiversary. I am so happy that you take the time to do your podcast. I always enjoy hearing your quilting adventures.
    I live outside of Knoxville, TN. I enjoy appliqué, both hand and machine. I am inspired by your machine quilting. I tell myself that I will conquer it one day.
    Thanks again and enjoy your summer.

  27. Congratulations on three years and thanks for the giveaway! I consider myself a scrap quilter – most of the quilts I’ve made have been pulled form the fabric I have in my stash. I collected for a while before I realized that I needed to start using it! I live in Watertown, MA, right outside Boston. I work full-time doing accounting/contracts work. Quilting is my creative outlet.

  28. Congratulations! Mayhem is a perfect nickname for this crazy month. 🙂 I have not had much time to listen, sew, blog or anything. I haven’t even made it through the whole podcast yet, though after reading some of the comments I am itching to.
    About me… I currently from Southern California, and have lived in Texas, New Jersey and Utah. I have only been sewing and quilting for a few years.

    My 8 year old son had a school book fair and came home with 6 books, one of which was Chicken Boy. He has read it twice. 🙂

    Thanks for a fun giveaway! Enjoy your week!

  29. I love the green and white quilt. very lovely. i am nearing my mid forties and totally agree with you on just being mellow about people. my man tells me that when people do stuff like that, they are just living up to your expectations of them and you should not expect any different. how right that is. i also agree on the tired of the competition with kids. i dont for one minute think the competition should be removed and all should be ‘fare’ and everyone should quit keeping score. i just think some people go just a wee bit over the top of it and its nice for the underdogs to take it away once in a while 🙂
    Take care and hugs from Lori in SE Washington State (the desert half of the evergreen state).

  30. Congrats on three years. I’ve listened from the beginning! I live in Eugene, Oregon, home of University of Oregon. I am pretty much a traditional quilter, but lately I have been getting a little modern when making gift quilts, since It seems to be what many like these days.

  31. Congratulations on 3 years of podcasting, Frances!! You had me laughing out loud again this episode (about the bleach blonde hair cracking off) and I look forward to every podcast. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into each one!!
    I’ve been quilting for 6 or 7 years and am a traditional quilter. I’ve been knitting for 1 year and admit it has taken over lots of my quilting time and brainspace. I live in Green Bay, WI.

  32. Congratulations on your three years of podcasting. I listen from Boynton Beach, Florida. Right now my quilting is mostly in my head, but I hope to get to it eventually. I don’t have space to leave my sewing machine out, so just the thought of getting everything set up and then having to put it away is usually enough to make me choose to sit down with my knitting. I think I”ve been listening to you all, if not most, of those three years. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Congratulations on your 3 years of podcasting. I’ve only been listening for a few months, but I have downloaded and listened to most of the previous episodes. I am in lovely north central Idaho, a traditional type of quilter I love doing handwork (applique, quilting, stitchery). You know Francis, as long as you have the boys in school you’ll be involved somewhat because you care. The summer break will help, and in a few months you’ll feel different than you do now. I went through much the same with my 3 in private school and every May/June I was so ready to be done and say “no” next year – never happened. Now that the youngest is late 20’s I’m glad I stayed involved.

  34. I like the white and green quilt – lots of movement. Congrats on your 3-year anniversary! I’m in Seattle, and listen to you in my quilting studio.

  35. I’m listening from New Jersey. I’m quilting for about two years so far, loving the modern fabric lines but still using some of the old stand-bys. I’m working on a scrappy flying geese quilt for my very own lap at this time. Congrats on THREE YEARS!!!

  36. I’m a long time podcast listener from Connecticut. Congrats!! on the 3 years! I have so far been more of a traditional quilter, but some of the modern fabrics are really drawing me in. I am a nurse but in my next life I would really love to be a fabric designer.

  37. Congrats! I enjoy your podcast! I’m at Los Angeles but will be moving very soon to the San Francisco/Bay Area. I’m more of a traditional quilter slowly gravitating to the modern style. Looking forward to more podcastaversaries… 🙂

  38. Congrats! I love listening to you, I feel like a have a famous writer/quilter friend. I enjoy the podcast while working my boring office job and inspires me to go home and create. I haven’t been very busy lately though as tax season is winding down. Thanks again from Lincoln, NE

  39. Congrats on the pod anniversary. I enjoy listening to your quilting adventure. I sew a variety of quilts, like you. I enjoy the changes in quilting. It’s brings excitement and new fabric to my current stash…. Like I need more. I like watching the progress of your quilts and you struggle with the quilting like me. Some days it turns out great and then there are those days….keep podcasting we all need each other to cheer us on. A thread of thoughts!

  40. Wow, 3 years, congratulations…
    I have been listening to you for the entire time and watching you develop your skills.
    I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been quilting for over 20 years.Still passionate about it. I have been to Houston to attend the Internation Quilt Convention and a a couple of other times have been to New York to the City Quilter. I have a blog http://quiltingbycelia.blogspot.au (with lots of pictures of my projects) and via that I have enjoyed this great community of quilters.
    I love all sorts of quilting styles as well as fabric styles and my latest interest is working on my Handiquilter18. I work full time in IT and have a 13 year old daughter and my goals for the future is to quilt all my tops (over 10) and continue to develop new techniques. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your life with us.

  41. Congratulations on reaching your 3rd podcastiversary! It feels strange to congratulate you, when you are doing all the hard work and your listeners are the ones who get the benefit… I guess I should really be saying thanks! I really do appreciate your time and effort, I enjoy your podcast so much. Although I’m not very confident (I’m quite new to quilting, and sewing in general), and thus don’t tend to add my voice to the conversation, I feel like you and the other quilt casters are friends. It’s especially lovely as no one in my”real” life shares my love/obsession for all things quilt- or fabric-related.

    I listen while I sew, or drive, or take me evening walks; having you in my ears helps to drag me away from the sewing machine! I live in a lakeside suburb on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. As I mentioned, I’m new to all this, and haven’t quite defined my style yet. A glance at my growing stash would show you that my tastes are quite eclectic, I kind of like it all! I love the tradition and rich history of quilting, I like making quilts that are block-based and scrappy. But I also love modern fabrics and bright happy colours. I also enjoy just about every part of the process… The creativity involved in fabric and pattern selection, the precision involved in cutting and achieving the ever elusive (to me, at least) 1/4″ seam, watching how the pieces come together and experimenting with placement and settings, learning new (and hopefully better) methods of construction (often from and with other creative, engaged women), and especially planning and executing the quilting itself. I’m definitely not a “topper,” I really love the quilting, even on plain whole cloth. I could live without the basting, if we’re being honest!

    I’m sorry this has gotten so long… This is why I’m thinking I may need to start my own blog; I could go on forever talking about this stuff! You may have noticed I can’t even seem to end a sentence 😉

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration and companionship, I’ll look forward to hearing from you whenever the next one comes out. (Thank heavens “May-hem” is over; we have adopted that name in our house, too.)

    Warmest regards,
    Nelly Kelly

  42. Love the White & Green quilt. The color placement is really great. Here is my bio even though you know most of it.
    Name: Jaye
    Place: near San Francisco. I actually live in San Mateo County and work in SF. If I had a good arm, I could throw something from my front sidewalk into the County of SF. It would have to be a REALLY good arm.
    Quiltmaking: I have been quilting since, what I call,, the Dark Ages, which in reality is 1987 or 1988. I started at an Adult School class that cost me $18 per semester. It was awesome!
    Big Secret: I am actually a European princess, but I was switched at birth with the family of ordinary Californians. I have been struggling ever since to maintain the level of manners and sophistication with which I was born. 😉

  43. Congratulations on 3 years. I listen to several quilty podcasts and I love each one for a different reason. I love listening to your calm voice and positive attitude in addition the quilt information. Your use of the term “Muggle” tickles me and I use it now too! My home is in Iowa. I have been quilting for about 5 years and attend 1-2 quilt retreats each year. Keep up the good work!

  44. Congratulations on your podcastiverary Frances! I think this is the first time I’ve commented and it is high time! I’ve been listening to your podcast since early on, and I’ve listened to every episode. I love your soothing voice and your sense of humour.

    As for quilting, I think I’m a hybrid sort of person. I’ve been quilting about 10 years and, of course, started out traditional. I’m becoming more modern as time goes on. I still love perfect piecing and find it relaxing to make traditional blocks, but I’m trying some improv too, and I love modern fabrics!

    Keep up the good work!!

  45. Hi Frances I enjoy listening to you on my way to and from work, an hour drive gives me time to usually listen to a complete podcast! You are very entertaining.
    I started quilting almost thirty years ago, but then stopped. Started again about four years ago when my youngest started college. I professionally am an art director in packaging. Its difficult to categorize what style of quilter I am. I started doing a traditional quilt and have done my own designs and can never do things exactly as directed I must put my own mark on it. My current quilt I am making for my 80 year old mother is paper pieced and I love paper piecing once I figured it out. I’ll send you a picture if you are interested!

  46. Congratulations on your 3rd Podcast-iversary! I am listening from New Hampshire, and mostly listen when driving, or when I’m out in the barn milking the goat or taking care of the chickens. I am mostly a traditional quilter – mostly traditional patterns, in reproduction fabrics (1930s, or my favorites, Civil War repros). My current ones are actually BOMs, from three different shops.

  47. Congratulations! more than wanting to win (which of course would be nice, who am i kidding? 🙂 i want to say thank you for podcasting–i really enjoy listening to you talk–quilty stuff or not! i save your podcasts for uninterrupted sewing time so i can enjoy both sewing and listening. i’ve carved out a small area in our (small) living room but it has everything i need including a ipod dock with speakers. i like making traditional pieced quilts but with bright, less traditional fabrics. though having said that, right now i’m in the middle of a Civil War repro quilt which is the first time i’ve worked with these colors–usually all that brown would be too blah for me. i think i’ll go back to my brights right afterwards though. i’m looking forward to listening to your newest podcast soon!

  48. Congratulations on 3 years! I really enjoy listening to your podcast, mostly while walking my dog here in Raleigh. Thank you for taking the time to put together a great podcast.

  49. Your podcast is like picking up the phone, dialing your number and saying, “Hey Frances, what’s new?” And while I actually do that with friends during the day, I can’t do that later the night after a tough day, or early morning before the sun is up. Your podcast is the perfect needs-no-schedule visit. It’s a great break from the challenges of taking care of an aging father (96) and a coming of age daughter amidst the frustrations of living in a large money pit that thankfully is on a very lovely piece of property in a unique old neighborhood just a few minutes from Jekyll Island Georgia.

    In addition to quilting (my avatar is one of my projects), I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, working with beads and minor fashion design. By trade I am an instructional developer and narrator, and I work from home. Sometimes I’m also the voice of a few commercials and messages on hold. I am from Raleigh, having gone to Jr. High and High School in Durham County, college at UNC in Chapel Hill and lived in worked in the area for decades. I chose to move to Georgia to help my father and will be here until he no longer needs me. Right now I am able to come up to NC for a visit at least twice a year – though my plans are to return some day.

    A big hello to everyone who listens from all over the place! It’s great to read all of your posts.

  50. HI Frances, congrats on three years and I have enjoyed listening since the beginning. I live in East Texas and never want to move. I commute 90 miles a day to work (UT Tyler) so I enjoy listening to a variety of podcast every day but if you have posted, that’s the one I listen to first.

    I am instructional designer so I get to feed my creative side at work. The only time to sew is on the week-ends. I made my clothes in high school and clothes for my kids when they were young. Now, I get to make my granddaughter some clothes when there is time. I love just about all sewing projects but quilts are my favorite. I like traditional patterns with modern colors.

  51. It was so good to hear your voice again! I am trying to get back to reading, listening and commenting on quilty sites. I’ve been so wrapped up in life and other things that I have neglected my quilty side!

    I love your green themed quilts. Green is possibly my third favorite color after purple and blue. 🙂

    I had to laugh at your photos above…not for the faces the boys made but at you. Now don’t take that statement wrong!!! I was just wondering where your floppy hat was and why you were not in a flowery flowing dress like all southern women are? hehehe

    Thanks for the chance to win a treat from a very good online shop! And congrats on the anniversary.

  52. Hi, Frances! Congratulations on the anniversary and thank you for the giveaway. I’ve been listening since February, I think. I’m a Montessori teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas, so I got all caught up in the end-of-school rush, but now we’ve more or less settled into the summer program routine, so I can get back to walking after work, and catch up on podcasts. Yea!

    I guess I’m a modern-ish quilter. My great-grandmother taught me the basics when I was 10. She was visiting for the winter from West Virginia, and we made a little one-block five patch quilt, and we tied it. My great-aunts in West Virginia also quilt, but nobody else in my family, and we don’t see those relatives very often at all, so I learned everything else I know about quiting from books and podcasts. I tend to pick hobbies up and put them down for a while. I also knit and embroider, and I’m a medieval re-enactor. I went through a couple of periods when I did a lot of quilting over the years. I’ve been quilting pretty steadily for about 2 years now. I discovered the online/podcasting quilting community, and that coincided with my sister announcing she was pregnant with my niece, and asking me to make a baby quilt. I like traditional patterns in modern colors, or non-traditional settings, and I’m warming up to modern quilts. I love the Provencal-style quilts. I’ve been working on one for a long time. My New Year’s resolution this year was to finish it this year.

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