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  1. The snowflake is awesome! You probably say this in the episode (haven’t updated itunes yet) but did you mark it or do it all freehand?

  2. You did a great job with the snowflake Frances! Crossing my fingers for you on the green and white quilt! Looking forward to listening to your podcast episode, Friday Girl! :))))

  3. While you sound very busy, it sounds like a “good busy” with lots of family life and writing. Your work volunteering with the folk art program sounds wonderful and I wish we had something like that in L.A.

  4. Wow, Frances, you DO sound busy. I am definitely not surprised that your requests for writing are picking up. The secret is out about you. I would imagine the requests will just keep piling up. The great thing about that is that we will get additional ways to enjoy you and your writing goodness.

    Your son definitely reminds me of my oldest, He was also involved in forensics (Speech Debate) and went to state in Dual Interp. as well as OO. Or was it Lincoln Douglas? I am getting old! I had to become a debate judge just to have something to share with him. He also loved DD but that was WAY out of my comfort zone. I commend you for gaining a more complete understanding of that game than I ever had. My role in DD was carrying the Debit Card (probably a check book was more accurate) as he invested in his supplies.

    Two finishes now or in the NEAR future! Way to go! They are both fabulous as I am sure you already know. Loved your podcast as always.

    Oh! On the mono-filament thread…if you have problems with the thread catching on the slice at the top of the spool, often turning the spool upside down, so that that slice is on the bottom, will address that annoying problem. It works with regular thread too but mono-filament thread seems to really cause issues with that darn slice. I have started rejecting threads who’s spools are situated such. I like the ones that have the screw in clamp (totally not explaining that right) to tuck in the thread end. I am becoming a thread snob! Oh no!

    Again, fantastic podcast. Waiting two weeks! Sad news but totally understandable.


  5. Hello old friend. Life is busy here too but in a very different way then it has been in the last year. I actually listened to your podcast today…what?! And I am listening to Pam’s as I type! I completely agree that May is the new December! Graduation is making me crazy!!!

    I love the snowflakes!! Lovely!! So glad to be listening again!

  6. I’m with you and Rhonda – around here we call this month “Mayhem.” Whoever put Mother’s Day in May was just being a jerk. Like I have time for a day off!

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