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  1. Frances, all I can say is WOW what a wonderful lookng quilt. And tour machine quilting is fantasic. Vanessa (australia)

  2. I love the secondary pattern that emerges on the green & white quilt! And great job on the quilting. I really need to take that class. Machine quilting is my least favorite part of quilting. Have you finished The Secret Keeper? If so, what did you think?

  3. I also remembered something someone told me or I read somewhere a while ago about sewing curves. Which is, to starch the daylights out of the fabric before you cut it. I guess it keeps the stretching to a minimum. I might try it one of these days to see if it makes any difference. Curves are one of those things I have avoided.
    Congrats on the win for your school book thingy team! (The name escapes me, sorry!) It sounds like a fun program. I am like you though, in that as soon as I “have” to read something, I balk and actually reading it is hard to do. One that stands out was when I had to read Dante’s Inferno in my Honors English class. It took me ages! Processing what I read fried my brain for a while but I eventually started enjoying it.

  4. Frances, were you the one who asked what quilt blogs we like? Right now I am loving Diary of a Quilter. She is doing a virtual quilting bee and we are on block 2.

  5. The quilt is wonderful! I do like your quilting as well. Are you marking your quilting designs that they turn out so well?

  6. The design of the quilt is great. Is it a pattern or did you design it? Also your practice quilting is great. Do you draw the lines first our just go for it? Such inspiration…. love it 🙂

  7. Very impressed with your quilting.

    Yes, Sarah Addison Allen is formulaic but I like the formula, so it works for me.

    Happy Easter.

  8. I love your green and white quilt! You have really grown as a quilter in the years that I have been listening. I admire you because you are always willing to try something new! Thanks for all the wonderful pod casts, I usually listen during my 2 hr commute and am not able to respond in a timely fashion.

    BTW, going back a month or so ago, if you want a really good Craftsy class, try the paper piecing one with Peggy Martin (when it is on sale). You will amaze yourself with the Mariner’s Compass blocks you will be able to create.

  9. Oh I do love you Francis. Holy Camoli, If my free-motion looked anywhere near your ‘practice’ I would consider myself all learned up. That is not a sentence. But it is Sunday and instead of enjoying the weather (which I do talk about) I am procrastinating on the very last day to procrastinate doing the taxes… Your work is better every minute and so are your podcasts!

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