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  1. I admire your tenacity with those curves. Well done!
    The green quilt is looking good. Its hard to make suggestions on a scrappy because you kind of need to be able to move them around and see how it changes. The only thing I see is that there is a long strip of the same green right in the middle. Column 3 rows 4 and 5 and then again column 4 rows 5 and 6.

  2. Your Green and White quilt is FABULOUS! I absolutely love the layered look. It looks so complicated but, if you study it, it seems quite logical. It is fantastic. The yellow-green is a definite enhancement in this quilt. I know I would not like it nearly enough if you made it without that color. When I took a class from Heather Thomas, she taught us that, when working with an Analogous color scheme, you are smart to use at least three colors in a color run. Omitting the yellow-green would have brought your colors to two.

    And your curves? Your puckers are reminiscent of my first curve attempts. It does get easier, doesn’t it? You are a quick study. If you are not strutting around like a proud peacock, you certainly should be. You earned the right to be proud.

  3. Love the green and white quilt! It’s very appealing to the eye and kind of draws you in making you want to look at it longer to figure it all out. Great job! I did an apple core quilt last year and got over my curved piecing fear real quick with it! Good luck!

  4. I love your green and white quilt! I like the way you have laid it out off-centre. That really draws your eye. I know you mentioned the name in your podcast, but have you said where to find the pattern?

  5. Love your green and white quilt…. the more greens you have in a scrappy quilt the better. I agree with AJ about the dark green area … the dk green grabs your eye. This layout is good but if you can move the darks apart a little more so they do not make long straight lines that will keep your eyes moving more. If you can do something about it change the arrangement.


    I would love to send you some blues… email me your address. I would like to send sizes of scraps / chunks of fabric you would find useable. What style of fabrics are you using? batiks? contemporary or traditional? any and all?

    Yes, you can repeat but it would be fun to have fabric from friends.

    I found another reason to buy DVDs instead of computer classes. MY DD is now watching the QUILTING DVDs and learning how to quilt. If I only had Craftsy classes it would be harder to share with her. With our bandwidth restrictions we can only watch at MN…. that severely limits our ability to watch CRAFTSY.

    Gardening… my dad use to start plants in portable window boxes… about 8 in across by 3 feet… those boxes went in and out of the garage ( shelter) depending upon the weather starting in late April and May. He always got a jump on our zone 4-5 plants by moving the boxes in and out. His plants were always bigger and hardier then the local garden supply store. He also had more varieties and heirlooms before it was popular to have heirloom plants. Tomatoes were his favorite. He was a SEED SAVER TOO. FOND memories of that man.

    Angela Walters has two books out right now… her Craftsy class is great. I follow her blog and always find great FMQ inspiration. Angela and Leah Day are my favorite FMQ instructors.

    Paper Piecing … is a great technique once master this skill helps you achieve more intricate blocks. I have looked at Jaye’s tutorial and it is very good.

    Keep up the good work


  6. re you curved piecing you refer to ironing remember you should be pressing different word different action It is so easy to stretch fabric when IRONING not so easy to stretch when PRESSING

  7. The school quilt is Spring. It is so lovely. I went to a retreat a few years ago that featured curved piecing. I think we used 5 pins – one in the middle, one on each edge, and one in between the edges and the middle. A lot of people lightly sprayed the block pieces with Best Press or – you know, not starch, that other stuff – to stabilize the bias curves. But I think you are doing great. We spend five days getting better at this and you improved so fast. I think how you said Craftsy loves you back is a nice thing to say. So many emails… 🙂

  8. Your green quilt is very attractive. I like how is has a layered look.

    On your Dove block, you have determination to get the block looking just right. I have yet to do my curved piecing block for my Craftsy 2012 BOM. I want to learn curved piecing but first I want to clear away a number of my other projects so I can just devote time to the curved piecing project since I know it will take up a lot of sewing and quilting time.

  9. Love, love, love the green quilt! Wow it is so pretty. Leave it just as it is. And thank you for sharing your learning process. I love it that you want to continue to learn and are willing to share your pleats on your dove block. I love your podcast and look forward to it. Thanks! Tammy

  10. Love the Duke blue in the 2nd curved piece 🙂

    What I love even more is tha you and Jaye are both digging the Sarah Addison Allen books. I recommend them to anyone who will listen,as both Katie and I have enjoyed them so much.

    Probay not coming to NC until Katie’s graduation. She’s home next week for Easter; I could load her up with blue scraps if you want to come meet her in Raleigh. Just a thought.

    All the best.

  11. I love the green quilt layout. The only suggestions I’d have is to turn the block that is second down on far left 180 degrees. I’m anxious to see what you end up with. Tami

  12. Love the green quilt I’m defiantly thinking of working it out love it. Love the dove block as well. Well done xx

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