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  1. Frances, I just saw Ricky Tims’ new quilt which he calls Gaelic Blessing. By his choice of color plus a bit of applique, he transforms an Irish Chain into a breathtaking piece of art. You should check it out. Inspiration for a new project perhaps? http://www.rickytims.com/

  2. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on entertaining. I have not yet reached mastery (at all) of being in the moment and not exhausted by the time everyone is at my house. My ideas and hopes are to be sparkling and usually I am giving the zombie grin by the time people leave. But my goal is to improve. Maybe your friends that cater have the right idea.

    I do very much like the placemats and napkins. For me, that would have been the best part of the lunch – making a great table. I think when friends are just slightly out of their normal routine (like lunch at Foster’s or gabbing around their cars with keys in hand) the dynamics change and an awkwardness occurs. It may be all about physics.

  3. This was a fun podcast to listen too. I got to listen at the beach this morning while my children romped in the sand and sea.
    I am a terrible hostess. I love going to other’s gatherings but am terrible about reciprocating. TERRIBLE. I have good intentions, but rarely act. Perhaps that is the trouble with your friends.
    Would you mind sharing your recipes from your luncheon? They all sounded delicious.
    I have never used spray baste, but I have used hairspray, as recommended by Gene Black, but it only kind of worked. I ended up having to pin as well in the end.Right now I am trying a batting recommended by The Quilt Asylum, called Fusiboo, which you place between your top and back and then iron together. I am quilting on it right now. So far I LOVE it! I will have to see how it washes up. It was more expensive than what I usually use, but with 50% off at Joann’s it was only $13 for a 60×60. It saved a bunch of time and it is working really nicely with the “Stipples Made Easy” quilting paper I am using on the quilt.

  4. And I totally forgot, but I really like your placemat sets! The color is one of my favorites.
    (PS. I do know how to use “to” & “too”. The one used incorrectly in the above comment was just a typo.I must be too relaxed from the beach. 🙂 )

  5. Placemats are actually kind of fun (except for the binding part). I recently made 6 for my mom, string-pieced, all different. I never thought of making napkins to go with. Yours are nice.

    Just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your podcast (even though I haven’t commented in a while…family issues).

  6. I love the placemats and napkins! I keep thinking that I am going to make seasonal placemats- but I never seem to get around to it. The lunch idea is also a great one- the croissant sandwiches sound yummy.

  7. So I just found you. I want to make a quilt using blocks like your placemats in episode 112, but 112 seems no longer to be available in pod casts. 🙁 Can you refer me to a pattern for the off-kilter blocks?

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