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  1. I will not be mad at you if you ignore my advice… each must decide for themselves what is best for them.

    I took Ann Peterson’s BEYOND BASIC FMQ class and enjoyed it. I did not find it particularly difficult she had a lot of tips to make things easier. The only part I dis-argee with was using spray adhesive to secure the quilt since we have allergy problems in my house. I use Sharon Schamber’s method of securing a quilt … more work but I get the best result doing it Sharons method…. BTW Sharon Schambers will have a teaching episode on THE QUILT SHOW this coming spring… I am hoping on FMQ… I will love it.

    As I have mentioned before I also took the Craftsy Class by Angela Walters and I absolutely loved it… learned a lot of easy patterns that were a lot of fun and will be useful. I think it was one of the best classes I have taken so far… I am thinking of taking Leah Day’s class as I have followed her blog for so long.

    I have gone through the 2012 BOM very modern blocks…and the 2013 BOM more traditional blocks by Laura Knowles on Craftsy. Laura is a LONG TIME teacher and author and she will teach the basics every quilter needs to know…. I love her classes… have a dvd by her from C&T publishing…. BOM classes are free… BTW the Feb class is available tomorrow.

    As I have said before I prefer DVDs as opposed to the Craftsy classes since I have download restrictions to deal with….. DVDs can be played over and over again on the TV my favorite viewing method.

    I am planning to learn how to hook my computer up to the TV … I want to watch THE QUILT SHOW that way.

    Let me know what kind of lamp you get for seasonal disorder.. mine died and I need to get a new one but I do not feel like doing a search for it… so I will let you do the work… hee hee…

    No quilting for me… getting better but still have the flu… but hope to get up tomorrow and work on my nine patches… working on my last 100 NINE PATCHES.


  2. That came out really nice! Loveit. You are inspiring me to want to make a red and white one now. I finished Falling In and I loved it! I’m hoping to get my daughters to pick it up next.

  3. The quilt is looking great! I made an irish chain for my youngest daughter. It was one of my first quilts so there are lots of mistakes in it but it still looks cool.
    Bummer on the Craftsy oops. I hope it works out for you.
    Thanks for joining my on my run this morning!
    I don’t remember this about FQS, if they do this that is, but there might be a sticker on the fabric with a number that matches to your order invoice. I might be thinking of another shop, though.
    Or you could check the Kona card at the shop someone mentioned. 🙂

    I hope the cold passes you by and the event this weekend goes well.

  4. Although I don’t make new year’s resolutions, I have sort of vowed to myself that I will comment more on the many, many blogs that I track. Just wanted to say that I’ve listened to your podcast from the beginning and love it – love you style of just chatting with me…you keep me entertained during my one-hour trip to-and-from work.

    Love your red/white quilt. Those are my favorite colors.

  5. Thanks for the “Craft in America” update. I knew about PBS on line (check out Margaret Mitchell on American Masters) but did know about the Craft series.

    Both of my sisters married pilots so I will have to ask them whether wind is their friend.

    Hope Nashville was lovely.

    All the best.

  6. Oh – I was listening to #109 when you mentioned stars. No wonder the comments on #110 made me think I missed some of your podcast. I did – the whole thing. But I just listened and I hope the trip to Nashville filled the young with hopes for a career. I mean, why not? Many of us read and plan on doing so until we are toes up.

  7. Oooh, pretty! I love Irish Chains, and I love red and white. I just bought myself some Kona and Moda solids in red and cream (“snow” in both cases, but the Moda snow is more like rich buttery cream). No definite plans for what to do with them, though – I just wanted them to compare quality…

    Having the selvedges wouldn’t help you any, unfortunately – the solid fabrics, at least the ones I have seen, don’t have any kind of identification on them, probably because they are dyed, and not printed. And the identification on the printed fabrics only tells you the pattern #, but not the color.

    If you like Kate Morton, you might enjoy Jennifer Donnelly’s “Rose” trilogy – The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose, The Wild Rose. Some quibbles with unbelievable plot points, but on the whole I found them very enjoyable, although I’ve yet to read the third book (still on my To-Be-Read stack…)

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been stocking up on red and white fat quarters to do one but as a table topper. I have a 1930s red and white enamel topped table with a matching Hoosier in my red and white kitchen. Yours is an inspiration for me.

  9. I love love the red and white. Sorry about the drama you are having acquiring enough fabric. I have been crazy busy and have been behind with your podcasts but I am trying to catch up again. Always happy to hear your voice. I wanted to comment on your slight worry about not having washed your fabric for this quilt. There is a product called Synthrapol that you should be aware of if you aren’t already. If you use one capful along with the color catchers when you wash the quilt you should be fine. It’s used a lot to set dye for hand dyed fabric and works wonders in the washer.

  10. Love the red and white also. So traditional. Happy quilting .It is so nice that you and your mom enjoy quilting and do it together.:-)

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