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  1. Great stuff! I love how crinkly your Mum’s quilt got after the wash. Yummy stuff! I adore paper piecing! And your red and white is fab! Such a perfect color combination for almost any home. Simple, elegant and just a touch of super fun.

  2. Very Pretty, I want to make an Irish Chain but not sure if I am going to use blue or reds… I could go either way. Like your mom’s paper pieced stars. I recently tried a pp project but it did not work out… my pattern was xeroxed and did not come out right… Not sure what I did wrong with it. Sizing was way off on the copies… might have been the copier.

    May be to ask THIMBLE PLEASURES to see their KONA color card to match fabrics. Our LQS has a card we can match the color to with our swatches. They always mark the colors they order so they know what their standard colors are. It really helps alot.

    Did you ever decide which FMQ class you are taking. I took the classes from Wendy Butler Burns, Ann Peterson’s and Angel Walters different styles but really good tips and techniques. I think you will like any one of them.

    I will be back after I finish listening to the podcast…. so far so good half done.


  3. You think red was hard to get right, did you know that there are several shades of WHITE?!?!?!? Shoot, I only got a few minutes into your podcast and have to stop!!! I will listen tomorrow…if I don’t get distra,,,,,,,,,,,,,,OH shiny!!!

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