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  1. Janis Ian ! I spent my college years with her along with Chris Williams, Joni Mitchell, Holly Near. Wonderful women making beautiful music. Now I need to dig out my old vinyl and listen to those songs again. Have to dig out the turn table too. What an honor to be able to exchange your artistic products with her. That’s so cool!

  2. Do you listen to The History Chicks podcast? Tanesha got me turned on to them – great fun. They did a show last year about Julia Child, which I really enjoyed.
    Listening in the store, mindlessly repricing fabric bolts (up, sadly, not down…) so you’re keeping me company 🙂
    I read “Ten Miles Past Normal” a couple of weeks ago – loved it!

  3. Just getting caught up on your podcasts- while I’m thinking of it- in Ep 106 you say that you can’t find a non-plastic replacement for Saran Wrap. Try this:

    P.S. Just finished Kate Morton’s The Secret Keeper- loved it! Have you read it yet?

  4. Kristin’s comment reminded me – I was going to tell you about what my mom uses. There are little shower-cap type things available at the dollar store. They usually come in 3 – 4 sizes in one package and can cover bowls in the fridge. You need to wash them, though, and mom does that when she washes dishes (before she puts any dishes in the water).

  5. Well, now that I am caught up I know that you mentioned that you didn’t finish the Secret Keeper. I agree that I didn’t not find it as compelling at the beginning as some of her other books- but the payoff is totally there at the end. I finished it yesterday -dreamed about it last night and got up this morning and told my husband the whole story. I urge you to try it again. I agree that all her books are built on the same foundation (multiple time periods, someone dying that has some secret about their past)- but since the stories all seem to be different- I guess I am OK with it. And now that Maeve Binchy has died, I need a new favorite author ;(

  6. Love your red and white irish chain so far. It will be beautiful! I am currently working on a white and batik irish chain quilt for our king bed. I want to finish it before our new house is finished – and unfortunately I don’t think that will be a problem. I really think you all should get the flu shot. Even if you get the flu, your symptoms might be much less severe with that flu shot on board and working. Also, my mantra…. wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. It will prevent so much!

  7. Love the red and white. It’s very striking.
    And, I don’t think the picture of you with your braces make you look goofy. I think it makes you look younger.

  8. Irish Chain quilts are beautiful. I have not seen a red/white one and I am thinking it is going to be wonderful. So I am sending you some California sun as I wish for your NC snow! We are going to have to go to the shady park in South Pasadena today as it is going to be too hot at the park in my neck of the woods. And BTW – I just loved Michelle’s coat today – all those coats in the camera pans were just gorgeous.

  9. The red and white quilt looks great! I forgot to comment last week about how much I liked Janis Ian her first time around, with her song ‘Society’s Child’, about interracial dating, written when she was about 15. How cool that you got fan mail from her! And in keeping with KellyV, above, I think those purple gloves are going to be the next fashion trend! I loved all the purples on the Obama girls!

  10. We loved your audiobook of “Falling In.”

    The red and white (for NC State?) looks so crisp and clean.

    All the best.

  11. Just caught up on the last 3 episodes. So happy to hear you’ve started your red and white quilt! One of my goals this year is to do more of the crafty projects I’ve been wanting to do and just haven’t. Happy New Year!

  12. 1. Extremely groovy that you are rubbing virtual elbows with JANIS IAN.

    2. I don’t know why I did not receive your email in reply to the SMUG MUG video link. I hope you were able to at least sit through the video and will keep my secrets.

    3. INSPIRATION: for me, it comes from outside textile crafts; most recently, Islamic tile work and Byzantine pottery I saw at the Met in NYC excited me and sparked my imagination. Broaden your definition of what you do and look farther afield for ideas.

    4. REMINDER: I am not a quilter, really.

  13. I have been sending you lots of comments through my brainwaves and have finally remembered to do it for ‘reals’. I adore red and white quilts! What a fabulous place to land after searching for inspiration – I can’t wait to both hear and see what comes of it.

    I also would like you to know that when you say ‘Have I already said this, I feel like I have already said this so I won’t say it again — you mostly have not already said it — so please say it again!’ We are a forgiving crowd and we won’t have remembered it either for the most part and will love the story any way!

    Best to you and your family!

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