Episode 107: Looking for Inspiration

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Will I find it in a red and white quilt?

I feel like my braces are getting in the way of my talking. Not looking forward to the public speaking events I’ve got coming up, that’s for sure!

Speaking of braces, here’s how I look with them:

Photo 35

Photo 36Hope they’re worth it, because I sure feel goofy right this very minute!

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  1. Wow! You really CAN’T see them! How cool is that! I had braces three times, in HS, college and again as an adult. Yours are better than any of mine. Important thing, though, is that they do what you want them to do.

  2. Just wanted to say beware of red fabrics…. I pre-wash ( soak x hour) them three times before I use them. They should rinse clear. Some say it is over kill but I was not the one that ended up with red on the rest of the quilt. Use color catchers when you wash the quilt. This will save you heart ache.

    My folders… I have one for DESIGN INSPIRATION, 4-patch and Nine patch inspirations. FMQ design. MODERN QUILTS Applique I would like to try. Kid and Baby quilts. Easy Patterns. etc I have about 10 one inch folders in all that sit on a shelf.

    There is a MODERN BOM quilt along where the setting was beautiful. I can not find the link but I will keep looking. The quilt lay out …. think of four quadrants.

    The blocks floated in the back ground in the left upper and the right lower quadrant . The other quadrants were just background with Modern FMQ. I thought it was lovely I think I have some orphan blocks that this will work in.

    I will be back after I listen to the rest of the podcast.


  3. Love the smile, can’t see the braces. Thanks for clarifying my letter writing…again, do not worry about writing a letter back. REALLY enjoying hearing your voice again and now seeing what you look like! 😀

  4. Frances, I can identify with the kids sports team thing you talked about. My older son is a great little soccer player, but this year his team is terrible. 🙁 They started in September and they haven’t won a game yet. It’s more depressing for me than it is for him thankfully, but I think it’s even wearing on his positive attitude these days. His field is covered with snow so I’m thinking his game tomorrow will probably be cancelled, and I can’t say I’d be disappointed!

  5. It’s very hard to even see the braces! 18 months will fly and you’ll have a beautiful smile to show for it. I just downloaded Falling In. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    I enjoy your podcast very much!

  6. Frances,

    I had braces twice – once when I was a teen, and back then they removed healthy teeth – and again when I was in my 40’s to put bridges in and un-do, then re-do the braces the way they should have been done. So I’m with you, my dear. And I’m glad they don’t hurt, mine did, probably because of a previous surgery where I had a scar on both upper gums. Yea, it was painful. Helpful to me was cranio-sacral physical therapy – so if your jaws or shoulders or neck seem to have a time adjusting, this might be helpful to seek out.

    Take care, always lovely to hear from you.

  7. Ooh – big thumbs up on the music. Music is always a great thing. I am jealous – Jay Unger and Molly Mason are in Chapel Hill in March. (Ashokan Spring.) I doubt they will get out to California anytime soon.

    And you got an email from Janis Ian, no less. What a gifted artist. Pretty exciting I say.

    Every time you talk about organizing it helps me get inspired to dig out. Love it. Have a good North Carolina week.

  8. Like the photos. I could hardly see the braces.
    The church I go to had an associate pastor at that had braces. At the time my daughters were in high school. The middle school and high school kids felt like they could relate to him since many of the kids also had braces. So perhaps when you go out to speaking events the kids will see that you have braces, like many of them, and will feel like they can easily relate to you..

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