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  1. The sweater is fantastic!!! Will it be a surprise gift or is it a long anticipated gift he has been looking forward to? Good luck on the Golden Quilt. You seem like a determined and organized woman so I have very little doubt that it will be in the mail on the proper date.

  2. Well as I have said before…. QUILTS WILL FIT EVERYONE… do not have to worry about hips or sleeves sizes…. BUT IT IS CUTE. should be in a museum… but wait no KNIT MUSEUMS exist…. hee hee.

    L0ving hearing from you… sorry you were sick for Thanksgiving… the craziness of Christmas goes away after the kids grow up… then it can be quiet till the grand kids arrive.


  3. Sorry you were sick at Thanksgiving. We were too. Thank goodness we didn’t have anywhere to go or have guests coming. It was a quiet holiday except for the coughing and hacking! lol
    Did your podcast repeat itself? I swear I am hearing the same story twice?
    Regarding applique’ … I think Erin Russik will do another block of the month next year. She has some nice patterns that I like. I am still working on 2011’s “My Tweets” BOM from her blog. I didn’t do this year’s “Mimi’s Bloomers” though. I will be checking out next year’s project by her. She has everything free for downloading during the current year it is coming out. She does ask that you buy the center medallion pattern, but that is only $11, and you don’t HAVE to have it to make an appliqued quilt. You follow her blog for the year and get a block pattern once per month. Anyway, let me know if you are interested in seeing what she does for 2013. Maybe we can do the blocks along with her…both of us.

    Quick question…did I snail mail a letter to you or did I dream it? My brain is a sieve these days. lol

    Liked the sweater you made. I am actually thinking of making a sweater for myself…but I crochet. I can’t for the life of me, knit.

    Loved seeing your podcast in my iTunes this morning! It is so nice to hear your voice again. 🙂 Good luck with the holiday madness! I am avoiding most things Christmassy until this weekend when we will decorate. Although I will admit to having ordered several items of clothing for the Mr. that were on sale and had free shipping. I am now, almost done shopping!

    Anyway, I have written too much again…I need more coffee and then need to wake up more and start my day! Be good! Santa is watching!!!

  4. Wow his sweater came out awesome! I’m not finished listening yet, but just wanted to leave a comment before I forget… About Craftsy. You need to sign up to their newsletter so you don’t have to go to the website every day to get their deals. I only get emails from them when there’s a new class introduced, or they have a class or fabrics on sale. It’s a convenient way to keep up and you don’t have to remember to visit them every day. Just a suggestion! They had a sale for Black Friday for 50% off off the classes, I’m not at the part if you could use that. Guess I have to keep listening, I’m only on Day 1 🙂 Might be back later!

  5. Hi Frances, the sweater looks great! The sleeves will likely stretch out with use too. X-acto makes a stencil cutting blade that is two blades with a narrow space between that really helps cutting stencils. Also if you put a piece of masking tape where you want your bridges to be you’re less likely to forget to leave them.

    1. Great tip about the double edged x-acto knife, Sally. I had never heard of this but I can see it being extremely helpful.

  6. I always get eye twitches and anxiety at this time of year. I so admire folks who get less overwhelmed than me and can pull it all off. One year I decided I couldn’t handle this decorating – I just couldn’t. Then I felt like the Grinch and threw it together about 9 pm on Christmas Eve. Oh, sigh.

    Will’s sweater is just so fine. I miss looking forward to the next HP book. I loved going with the kids (well, my husband and sister) to the midnight releases. All right Miss Frances. Enjoy your early and maybe newly fashionable Christmas.

  7. The sweater is great! Little Women was never one of my faves because I just couldn’t get over Jo not ending up with Laurie. Dang. Looking forward to seeing the Julia Roberts finish and the Golden Quilt. Keep rollin! Hope everyone stays healthy from here on in.

  8. Yeah, you know me, appliqué makes me twitchy whereas machine quilting makes me run for calm-down pills. 🙂

    My Xmas shopping is done; we’ll decorate when Katie gets home after 12/13. My niece loves Xmas wrapping, so I save all that for her. My anxiety gets ramped at work, since I have to have my end of year stuff done before I go on vacation 12/21. It’s a good problem to have vacation, though.

    There is a new biography for Alcott fans by Eve La Plante called “Marmee and Louisa.” It got a good review by the Washington Post last week.

    “The Midwife of Hope River” is by Patricia Harman.

    All the best.

  9. I hope you are getting to enjoy the religious aspects of Christmas, now that it is less than a week away. Are still frantically making gifts and baking, or are you sitting by the tree, listening to carols and sipping hot tea?

    We are cutting a little of the madness by sending out New Years cards instead of Christmas cards. I also considered leaving the ornaments off the pre-lit tree, but caved and pulled out the ornaments.

  10. Hi Frances, I just finished listening to episode 104 (I am always a bit behind) and wanted to let you know that I whole heartedly agree with Jaye about your final comment on your worthyness as a podcaster. I love, love your podcasts and I am grateful to my daughter for recommeding you. I like them for the informality. It feels like you are sitting in my living room talking to me and not at me. Mostly listen late in the evening to settle myself down and you always make me smile. Haven’t commented before because of this. My computer has often been turned off for the day when I listen.
    I really like your applique, especially your fabric choices. I am also a batik lover and really am embarrassed to admit how much I own. Who knew using fabric with leaves in the flowers could be so effective. I am glad you have found applique. I love it but only do it by hand. I have to have something to do if I am watching TV. Can’t just sit and am very resistant to knitting. I do not have space to start another stash. The next thing I really want to try is hand quilting but have been kind of scared to start.
    Have to tell you thanks for recommending Downton Abbey. I have seen both seasons now thanks to Netflix and can’t wait for the new season to start. Keep up the wonderful podcasts. I look forward to the next one and the next one.

    1. Oh My! Linda at the Beach must be my long lost twin! Linda expressed my thoughts on you, Frances, just about perfectly! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when I get a notice that you have a new podcast and immediately, or as soon as possible, grab some quilty project I can do while listening to you. As for the hand-work, I can’t tell you how many movies I actually DIDN’T fall asleep through simply because I had a hand project to keep me awake. It’s either that or iron and I just don’t care for ironing all that much (I do love the results, however). So keep it up Frances. You rock!

  11. Yeah, Christmas is over for another year. Like you, I’ve grown to hate the holiday. Your sweater is just awesome! Roll the bottom of the sleeves up, it looks great. He will love it.

    As for stencils, I’m going to try out Don Linn’s method. Looks really easy. I’ve tried cutting my own stencils with varying degrees of success. You can check out his method here http://tinyurl.com/cwqdnaf. I’m going to use it on my next quilt.

    Love your podcasts!

  12. Love the sweater!! Have been following its progress and it is certainly worthy of Gryffindor!

    I have been a listener of your podcasts since the beginning and infrequently comment. I am usually in the middle of my 2 hour a day commute and unable to express myself : )

    Thanks for all the effort you put into the casts and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

  13. I was a little disappointed that you decided to use the template plastic to make a stencil rather than using the Saral paper. I think you would get the same effect and it would be less hassle, because you wouldn’t have to cut the plastic. Let me know if you try the Saral paper.

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