Episode 103: Another Saturday Episode

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Maybe I need to rethink this Thursday Girl thing.

So, it’s been a week of knitting. I’m almost done with the second sleeve of Will’s Gryffendor sweater:

And I’ve got about two inches left to go on my OMG It’s Winter! hat:


And it’s about time to turn the heel on sock #2 for my niece:

Now I’m off to try my hand at applique. Hopefully I’ll have pictures to show you next week!


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  1. Well this is the second try at posting a comment…. Just wanted to say…. NOT MUCH OF A KNITTER… took all my stuff to work planning to knit while I wait to punch in for work or at lunch time… NOT working out cause have not been early enough at work to be able to knit. One of the girls at work and she was going to show me some tricks to make it easier……

    I am still doing FMQ on my baby quilt panels.. plan to post pics soon. I am taking a CRAFTSY class…. MODERN QUILT DESIGN by Weeks Ringle. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT… learning a lot about design that can be applied to any quilt patterns. SANDY and JAYE’s design class helped with the understanding of the information. ( but you do not need to have taken other classes as Ringle’s class is design for beginners.)


    BTW … it is a balmy 45 degrees today in Mid MI…. going to the last farmers market today as they close after this… they are talking about have a Christmas craft fair in the same spot instead… should be interesting.

  2. Hi Frances. I have discovered that the secret to knitting for me is to only make small projects. I have had one sock and a cuff knitted for about four years. Maybe I should just give up that project. I started up again making amigurumi and have FINISHED several small knitted mice which feels nice and I can get them done in a day. The next project is a pig, which might take a little longer since she has feet that are knitted separately and stitched on.

    As for Sandy, we only got a long windy rainstorm (I’m north of Boston, near the NH border, and somewhat inland, although we live next to a river.) My sister (who lives in Goldsboro, NC) said she got, maybe, 20 raindrops.

    I was very interested in that podcast you mentioned. It’s so rare these days that people on broadcasts, etc. are interested in listening to each other and not just calling each other names and shouting each other down. Oh well, the election will eliminate most of that (for me, at least, since I rarely watch “talk” shows.)

    –a.g. from quiltingpiecebypiece

  3. Oh my, oh my Miss Frances. You, Missy, are in some good company on that best book of the year list. Congrats. And your book deserves this honor.

    I think you will find applique is, indeed, the gateway to making art quilts. Those appliques need creative quilting which leads to creative thinking. Your quilts have just gotten more and more beautiful these last few years and I am not surprised because the creative thinking that makes those books that end up on important lists is there for your fabric art, too.

  4. I get it with the knitting as sitting. In my case. It’s crocheting when I watch TV with my guys. I can’t watch much TV when I quilt, but it works just fine when I crochet.

    I have read both “Tiny, Beautiful Things,” and “The Dollmaker.” I think Jane Fonda was in a TV movie of the latter a long time ago.

    Eric will happily eat any Chicken Pot Pie you want to send his way! I tweeted a cute picture of him in his new Angry Birds hat last week; that’s his concession to cold.

    All the best.

  5. hi Frances, i’ve not been listening for a couple of weeks because my sewing machine broke down (i know!–long story in itself) and i save the quilting podcasts for sewing time–anyways, all is well again, i have a new machine which i’m loving and have even created a new sewing space in our tiny house and so i’m sewing and listening to you again.

    but i really want to say is that i have tried to like the Mitford books but just can’t–i can’t put my finger on it but something just rubs me the wrong way. i found them through these books that i DO love, the Miss Read books (that’s the author’s pseudonym but libraries catalog them under the author’s last name of “Read”). they are British books and Jan Karon said they were her inspiration for Mitford. i read them over and over again–truly comfort reading. not much happens in them but Miss Read has a dry wit and the characters come alive. if you haven’t, you must try them!

    have you thought of a red binding for your Golden quilt? to echo the inner border. blue would be lovely too–that quilt is beautiful!

  6. Hi Frances,
    I’m sorry to hear that people don’t comment on your podcast, shame on them! Including me 🙂 But you know that I’m always sending good thoughts! 🙂
    Your knitting looks absolutely gorgeous! What kind of yarn are you using for those socks? The purple hat looks lovely, so girly 🙂 I’ve been wanting to ask you, how old young adults do you recommend your books for? I have a 13 yo little friend who I’d want to introduce to you books. Do you think She’d be the age of your audience?

  7. I’m one of those listeners that never get back to comment, sorry. My podcasts keep me company as I work, drive and quilt. I so enjoy listening to your podcast. Please keep it going.

    I also have a 5th grade boy who is SO into Minecraft. I’m afraid it consumes to much time.

  8. Love seeing your knitting, are you on Ravelry? I usually listen on my iPad, and for some reason leaving comments while on the iPad is a true pain and never succeeds.
    And may I recommend Craftsy for Lisa? Their sock classes really helped my learning curve! The only quilting one I took is Jane Dunnewolds Art Cloth, I took a week long class at her studio in 2007, it was divine.

  9. Great to see your knitting finally.Do you do knit socks 2 at a time toe up? I finally mastered this and have made 4 pairs since August! Knitfreedom.com is the best for super videos. And I love Kelley Petkin’s podcasts from Knit Picks. I’ve learned a ton. She is another (like you) smart, well spoken, podcaster. A book lover and history buff. my next socks will be my first cables! Any pics of that JuliaRrober’ts sweater?

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