Episode 102: Back to Thursday

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I’m a Thursday girl again. Let’s see how long I can keep it up.
So here’s the Golden top …

And here are the Mosaic blocks thus far:

Here’s some pictures from the Handmade Parade we went to in Hillsborough last weekend, courtesy of Will:

And a few photos from the Durham-Orange County Quilt show:

Beautiful quilting by Jean Fetterman!


“Breakdown” by Susan Brown
More beautiful quilting, also by Jean Fetterman:

And here’s the picture of the entire quilt:

Have a great week!

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  1. I am loving your blocks. On my phone where the are teeny tiny, they look awesome together.
    Thanks for sharing the quilts from the show. Those beads are amazing.

    I listened to a Louise Penny bookend enjoyed it (aside from the frequent use of a certain word.)
    Going to listen to the podcast. I may be back. 🙂

  2. Oops! I hit publish by mistake and left a typo and needed to say how fabulous the Golden quilt top turned out! Most excellent!
    I should not use my phone to leave comments.

  3. Blue binding would be awesome. Ground and frame it nicely.

    Yes- I am totally discombobulated. This week especially. Activities every single day this week. I’m a one or two things out of the norm kind of gal. More than that and it frazzles and stresses me. I love October but, yeah it’s crazy!

    Congrats on your 25! Love to hear your love story sometime.
    I added the children’s book to my Goodreads list. Thanks! I was getting a bit tired of The Magic Treehouse.
    I love the Mitford books. I have read them all several times. I like the slow but still engaging pace and the characters are fascinating. You could skip ahead and read 3. Then those little bits of history that are mentioned in 3 from 2 that you missed might draw you back to it. Make sense?
    I hope you all stay safe and the storm passes you by.

  4. I particularly enjoyed this podcast. I have not been able to quilt very much and miss the Zen-like, grounded, contained center that quilting gives me as you were saying, too. Listening to the podcasts and watching internet quilting shows help. It is weird to be sitting here in sunny, too hot, L.A., thinking about all of the East Coast podcasters getting ready for some big time weather. Good thoughts East Coast podcasters, good thoughts.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words in this podcast. You inspired me and I got quilting this weekend! It was fabulous to actually have the time to do that.

    Thanks for voicing your opinions and your ideas.

  6. Thanks for posting a photo of the Breakdown quilt. I love it – would like to try something like that myself. And I don’t mind the light gold border on your gold quilt – I think it looks very nice and will show off your quilting very nicely too.

  7. I like the big gold border around the narrow red border on your golden quilt.

    You had mentioned about doing some adventuresome cooking after the boys are older and it’s just you and your husband. Well, I love to bake and be in the kitchen and when my kids were at home I use to make a two week menu for evening dinners and weekend meals. I selected several of my cookbooks or saved recipes to make my meals from. I never made the same dish more than once during the year. If the kids wanted to have something a second time they would have to ask for it. I would take into account what was in the recipe and if it sounded appealing it went on the menu.

    Now that my husband and I are the only ones at home, I no longer make the menus or cook adventureously as I use to. There is no one here to eat the meal except the two of us. It was not easy to make the change to simple meals. It took several years to adjust. I do make very nice dishes for the two of us, the dishes just aren’t as complex and serves less people.

    My kids now grown, have moved out to Seattle and get together for dinners on weekends and a couple times during the week. They now make the complex and interesting dishes. They are open to taking an ingredient and making something out of it. My little granddaughter is turning out to be quite the foodie with all the different foods she eats since many interesting dishes are served at the get togethers.

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