Episode 223: Little Thread Spiders Everywhere!

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Finished Sweep Exit–well,almost (still have sew the facing to the back):

Melon Patch Top!


New Quilty Podcast! https://kristinesser.com/2018/03/06/simple-handmade-everyday-podcast-episode-3-show-notes/

Interesting post on quilt consumer trends:


7 Replies to “Episode 223: Little Thread Spiders Everywhere!”

  1. HERE is a link to KRISTEN”s PODBEAN podcast >> https://kristinesser.podbean.com/ << Do not know why … I can stream from your link but it would not let me download.

    I plan to join Quilt Alliance after my subscription to MODERN QUILT GUILD expires….. I can never watch the webinars on MQG as they use VIMEO and it does not stream well …. I get so tired of the stupid streaming circle.

    I like your melon quilt … very nice …. I am making a ROSE DREAM block which is similar to the quilt you are making…. at least I will be working on those blocks after I finish a disappearing 9 patch.

    Facing and faced … like binding and bound …. works for me.

    Great podcast episode … I really needed a new one because I am flat on my back post ALL DAY SEW DAY to celebrate National Quilt Day ( early.) My back always hurts after a marathon sewing session.

    Doing Darla's MARCH ALONG when on TWILTERS.

    I have no problem with spiders…. but I have BOX ELDER BEETLES that are driving me nuts…. they invade the house whenever we have a warm spell… I have to go on a major killing spree … but you have to be careful cause the stupid bugs stain stuff.



  2. Love the quilting on Sweep Exit. I’d never attempt a melon with all those curves, but how great to finish two. I’m currently setting triangles and squares into a Lemoyne Star ufo from 2010. God bless Edita Sitar! Her method for keeping the center flat really does work!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your short stories but after each one I just wished for more. Keep up the writing and the quilting!

  3. Thanks for the links! I am always interested in trends in the industry and quilters comments. Kristins podcast is great! I hope to have a goal like yours …. quilt my tops before I make more. Well until I start a top to try to get in Quiltcon!

  4. Hey Frances,
    I saved your podcast until I had a chance to quilt and now I am finally getting a minute to sit down and comment.You make me laugh so much! I always look forward to your podcast! It is my favorite in podcast land so please keep up the good work. It is appreciated. Your quilts are gorgeous! Is the melon applique? If so, I have done one with those before. Let me rephrase, I started one, however it isn’t finished yet.
    I loved what you said about your kids and the fact that you wouldn’t drive 45 minutes to take them to school. Neither would I! I also agree with what you were saying about the quilt stash and buying/not using. It is so true. When I started in 2014 I would shop for each project. Then my lovely daughter, bless her heart (because that is what we say in the South 🙂 ), got me into fabric shopping. I hate shopping!! I don’t have a huge stash but I have more than I will ever use because whenever I start a new project, I have fabric in mind and it isn’t from my stash. Needless to say, I have stopped stash building and I am tryng to use from my stash little by little.
    One more thing, I will definitely be attending QuiltCon in Nashville, Lord willing, and I SO hope to see you there!! I only live an hr and half south of Nashville but I am staying up there anyway. I am excited to meet my favorite podcasters and twilters. Please attend! I am a huge fan and I have two books I would love to ask you to sign. Hopefully by then there will be a third. 🙂

    Cyndi Clifton

  5. Great podcast, as always!! The thread spiders description made me laugh! Also, I’m with you on the lack of fabric stash! I buy fabric per-project, so, my stash mostly consists of fabric I have left over from projects. Although, I will buy fat quarters without a project in mind, because they are so versatile. Just the thought of having a large fabric stash gives me anxiety! And, I know me – even if I had a large fabric stash, I still wouldn’t have the “perfect fabric” for whatever project I had in mind! XO

  6. Frances, I LOVE your podcast. I listed a long time ago in another land and time and lost track. Changed jobs and didn’t have internet connection. Then I recently moved to Clayton, NC and I happened to think…wonder if Frances still podcasts. I have been having the best time catching up. Love it that we’re so close. I actually went to the Cary Quilt store the other day because I heard you speak of it. Anyway, hope to see you at the quilt show in Raleigh this Saturday. Thank you for continuing to podcast. Just can’t get enough and look forward to one.

    1. Hi, Tammy–

      Welcome back! I’ll be at the show this weekend at the MQG table–10-12 noon on Friday, 10-12 noon on Saturday. Come find me if you’re around!


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