Episode 239: Just Playing Around


Kate’s quilt–the back, so far:


I think I ended up posting this picture of Kate’s quilt top last time, but here we go again:


Messing around with fabric:


Podcast Love!

Listen to Vicki here:


Listen to Stephanie here:


Listen to Stephanie interview Heidi Parkes here:


Another podcast, which I think I’ve mentioned more than once, though not in this ep:

Simple Handmade Everyday

The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger

I’ve got a new book coming out on Tuesday, October 8!


5 Replies to “Episode 239: Just Playing Around”

  1. Modern Quilt as art …. I think because of the new normal … most quilters now make smaller quilts for contest due to mailing and cost of making quilts … plus the increase in skills over time the winning quilters in Modern quilting now make smaller quilts for exhibit. Smaller quilts are easier to make for completion and allows more experimentation and going out on the design link.

    Was looking for HEIDI PARKES quilt from Quilt Con but came across this site and guest who has a quilt displayed in it????? Hmmmmm
    I will be back once I finish listening … so good to be able to download.


    1. Frances, as always, I LOVE your podcast. I couldn’t wait to get to my sewing room so I could listen. I really enjoyed the intro of this one about modern quilts and the MQG definition. I totally agree with you! I didn’t see very many functional quilts at QuiltCon this year. This IS the first year I have attended so I don’t know if it has always been this way or if they are evolving into art more. I can’t wait until Atlanta to see if there is a huge change in two years. I also agree with you about podcasts. I really miss the more informal ‘ talk about what I am making, reading, doing’ ones like yours, Vicki Holloway’s, Kristin Esser’s and Stephanie Socha”s. Leah Day also does one that she mostly just talks. There for awhile she got into interviewing but she has recently stopped with that and went back to just chatting which I really like. I am thinking I may try one in a year or so. Right now I just want to make stuff. Anyway, I finally remembered to leave a real comment, instead of just all those in my head. Can’t wait until your next podcast. Give Travis a kiss for me. I love Max and Bella, my two quilt dogs. That reminds me of your comment about Travis’s comfort and wishes being more important. SO GUILTY HERE!! It made me feel more like a normal doggie mom. Is there is such a thing? Anyway, have a good night and keep up the awesome work. We LOVE you in Quilt Land!!!

  2. I belong to two guilds … the night guild is shrinking but the day guild is growing … when you retire ( and get older) you find you do not want to drive at night ….. you are more reluctant to leave home when it is cold and dark.


    As for having time at night …. someone always sucks it up and away it goes…. there is never time for things you want to do.

  3. Love and prefer the “homemade” podcasts! I’ve unsubscribed from a few “quilting” podcasts, because they are too political for me! Personally, I don’t want politics in my hobby or quilts! If I wanted to hear about politics, (which, I don’t), I would watch the news or scroll through Facebook. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    Thanks for keeping yours “homey”! I love Vicki’s, Stephanie’s, and Kristen’s, too! XOXO

  4. Hello Frances, I found your pod cast after I binge-listened to the Quilt Fiction story earlier in the year. I’ve been going through some of your older episodes to get to know spme background for your most recent updates. I like listening to your musings while I sew. I’m in the UK and it strikes me that quilters all over the world are pretty much the same,caring and sharing people,no matter where they are.
    I only belong to our national guild, the Quilters Guild of the British Isles,but no local groups.I recently volunteered to join our Regional Committee and it’s one of the best thngs I could have done as I have already met lots of like-minded ladies to chat with (My DH is supportive of my hobby but his eyes do glaze over from time to time😃) In between the occasional meeting I am very happy to sew and quilt on my own. Keep up the good work and thanks for recommending other,similar podcasts! Karin

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