Episode 177: Colors of the Year!

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quilting the runner

Quilting the table runner!

Have you heard? Pantone has announced its color of the year–and it’s two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity (blue). Pretty! For more, here are some links:



Last week I mentioned a quilter whose applique designs I greatly admired. Turns out her name is Jan Patek, and her website is here:


I’ve been enjoying a blog called A Quilter’s Table as well as the monthly email newsletter Debbie sends out with all sorts of interesting links. For more, go here:


Apple Stack Cake recipe: http://www.ncfolk.org/apple-stack-cake/





















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10 Replies to “Episode 177: Colors of the Year!”

  1. PANTONE irritates me so much I deliberately AVOID those colors … I hate the thought of something else telling me what color is popular and should be chosen for my home and quilts.

    Am listening to the podcast but less than a quarter thru…. so I will be back.

  2. The COPY RIGHT issue has kicked around the internet many times the last couple of years …. even (quilting) lawyers have written articles and posts….. What ever your source … everyone has their own viewpoints and agendas.

    Pattern designers, book and magazine authors feel that they should be credited as a source of your quilt and yes you should buy their patterns.
    Quilters who see a quilt and use it for inspiration …. doing all the math themselves and do your own thing then no it is not copy right infringement

    From what I have read by the lawyers and authorities ……. ( try googling copy rights and quilting and slew of articles will pop up …

    TECHNIQUES can not be copyrighted …. but the instructions written for the quilt can be.

    BLOCKS in the public domain that are royalty free can not be copyrighted …..

    EVEN if two quilts seem identical / similar…… If the quilt design came from a pattern the instructions for that pattern are copy righted. That means that you can not copy the instructions and give them to your friends or teach a class from the pattern without permission from the author.

    If we use a pattern from a magazine or book I do try to write the author for permission to use it in a class or quilt group.

    When I have taught (my quilt group) OR written up instruction for a quilt block ( usually from EQ7) I write up my own instructions, figure out the math myself . Do I think that is copy right infringement …. not really because I usually default to figuring out my own way of making a quilt because I have NOT been able to follow someone else’s written instruction. Many time it is because they use a technique for a patch that I do not care for…..Example making half square triangles …. I like the two patches together and sewn on a diagonal and I hate the techniques using special triangle rulers…. they never come out correct size.

    THIS also goes into making of a label…. I do not put the pattern / source of the pattern on my labels… they are very basic DATE, LOCATION and my name as quilter….. Guess I am too lazy to do more.

  3. Have you ever tried basting with Elmer’s washable school glue? Works great, washes right out and no nasty fumes or overspray. Also, no pinning and removing pins. About labeling. It just seems like such an ordeal. I’ve only labeled one special gift quilt, but I know I need to try and do better. Enjoyed the podcast!

  4. Copyright does get sticky in regards to original designs by designers who want to make a fuss about it. The whole thing makes me itch and I long for the days of old where ladies shared block designs and a pot of coffee of an afternoon.
    You’re right about the classic blocks like log cabin, no one can suddenly claim that block, and copyright it. They can, however, copyright their own written instructions for it or a quilt using the block. In that case, it’s the actual written instructions that are subject to copyright, not the block design. So often I see quilters buy a pattern, and make umpteen copies to share with friends to save them money. The reproduction and distribution of the pattern is what is technically wrong. I’ve actually seen someone argue her right, on a major quilting facebook page that I won’t name, to do this with the justification of “Well, I work hard for my money, and deserve a break.” HUH? Don’t pattern writers work equally hard? She couldn’t see my logic when I pointed that out.
    There are enough free tutorials on the internet, that no one should be making copies of paid patterns.
    Now, the matter of someone trying to copyright a pattern that is basically a bunch of strips.. well, that’s just beyond silly in my opinion. But, again, it would be the instructions that is copyrighted, not the strip design itself. Who needs a page full of instructions just for strips anyway?! Sometimes I worry that in this trendy quest for “quick and easy,” pattern makers are dumbing it down way too far.

  5. The copyright fight came up occasionally in my period costuming days, as some designers would get bent out of shape if another seamstress offered a dress very similar (ok, an exact copy) as another seller. The law states that wearable goods can’t be copyrighted. So they would quickly find out there was no legal recourse. However, most of the time there was a professional courtesy in place, and we mostly all had our own styles.

  6. I like the colours this year much better than last year. I don’t think that Marsala ever caught on. I can imagine though, that modern quilters won’t like them, as they are used to the clear colours, not pastels.

  7. Check out the t-shirts on ThinkGeek (catalog and website) for your kids. They have some with funny sayings. Getting a list out of both my boys (DH and the YM) is like pulling teeth. I just keep my Amazon list up to date (mostly quilting stuff, honestly) so it is easy for me. Of course, I love to get Audible gift certificates. I don’t really want much stuff either, though.Another house next door I could use for all of my books would be nice. 😉

    Is the Beauty Counter like the Body Shop used to be before Anita (whatever her name was/is) sold The Body Shop to Unilever?? I would absolutely come to your party if I didn’t live 3k miles away, if I were invited, of course. 😉 I am not a huge fan, but I think that you are right in supporting Allison in this way. Aside from the Tupperware party feel of the concept, you are supporting a woman owned business and that is valuable. Have you read The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty? There is a Tupperware party in it and it sounds like the funnest party ever. Perhaps that book would be a good gift for Allison?

    I am looking for a very light mousse foundation to even out my skin color, but doesn’t feel like putty. Perhaps I will have to look up this outfit?

    You have two potential gifts for your nephew, it seems to me. One you can make now which is a duplicate, though larger in scale or making blocks of his picture and repeating it to make a quilt the size you want. Later, when he is older, you can make an interpretation and he might be able to appreciate it more.

    UGH! You are such a good person! The UGH was for me and my inability to deny myself a good book. I hope you enjoy the Lake House the day after Christmas. If you read it now, you will be able to participate in the Boxing Day Sew-in! 😉 On Boxing Day, I will be helping to celebrate my MIL’s 90th birthday. that is my excuse for reading The Lake House immediately.

    After You (Me After You??) by JoJo Moyes is a very different book than Me Before You, but it is very rich in terms of the relationships between people. Try it on audio if you are not getting into it. I did find the beginning to be slow going. I wanted to slap the main character sometimes.

    I don’t usually leave reviews on iTunes, because I don’t want to be called out on a podcast. Also, if I give a three does that mean that I think the podcast is bad? Good and bad? or fine? What do those stars actually mean? I love your podcast and that will have to do until I figure out the answers to life’s persistent questions about star ratings.

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