Episode 52: I Went to Visit My Mom and All I Got was this Lousy …

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BERNINA, baby!

That’s right, I said “Bernina.”

More on that soon.

ETA: 8-17-11/9 p.m.  Podbean has been down all afternoon, so I haven’t been able to post the episode. Fingers crossed I can get it up tomorrow!

Some pictures of knitting, since I have no quilting pix to share:

Will’s Harry Potter sweater.

Still life with “Garden and Gun” sock and melons

Episode 49: Look at My Mom’s Quilt!

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I don’t have anything finished to show you this week, but my mom does. Look at the lovely quilt she’s made to take her friend for a hostess gift.

Isn’t it beautiful? Hope to have some pix of my own quilts up soon!

Kristen has a new blog, They Grow Up Too Fast, with some great pix from the Sisters Quilt Show. Go check it out here: http://theygrowuptoofast.wordpress.com/

Episode 48: The Untitled Episode

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The book I talk about in the intro is The Story of Charlotte’s Web by Michael Sims. You can check it out here.

No pictures of quilts this week, but how about pictures from my garden and some canning exploits?

Pretty! Zinnia? I think so.

Can’t remember what this one is called (it’s one of Will’s), but it’s a very nice addition to our flower garden.

Marigolds, of course!

Blackberry jam! Whee!

Episode 44: It’s Hot Over Here!

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I’m trying to get a lot of quilting done without passing out from heat stroke. Not that I’m quilting in the sun, but after a day at the pool, I’m drained. Fortunately, the AC revives me …

Here’s a picture of the Sawtooth Star I made for my sampler quilt:

And here’s one of my liberated Shoo-Fly blocks for the Modern Quilt Guild challenge:

Have a great week quilting!

Episode 41: The First Podcastaversary Episode!

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May 12 marks TOKQ’s first year in the podcast universe (in the episode I say I think it’s May 10th; I was wrong)!

It’s been a most fantabulous year, and to celebrate I’m doing a double give-away. Leave a comment and you could win either a copy of Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott OR Stitched, a documentary film about art quilters. You can enter both give-aways or just one—up to you—but please be sure to specify one (and which one), the other, or both.

Deadline: May 31st, 2011.

Here is a picture of the double pinwheel block I just finished for my class for Jaye:

And here’s all three of the blocks together, though I imagine in the finished quilt they’ll find new friends:

This week I’ll be working on the following blocks: Card Trick, Sawtooth Star, and Dutchman’s Puzzle. Fun!

Want to help Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting with her most wonderful community quilt project? Email her at fluffysheepquilting@gmail.com.

Episode 39: A Lot on My Hands

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First, my new, temporary design wall. To the left is Betty, in her night gown. I still haven’t found her the right spring dress. The blocks on the left are the blocks I made this week for my quilt class with Jaye. By the way, if you click on the photo to enlarge it, it looks a lot more in focus. Why is that?

A closer look at the batik blocks:

(If there’s a theme emerging here, it’s that I’m not a very good photographer)

Some hand quilting shots–the pattern is ginko leaf.

Here’s the newest, revised stack of fabric:

I added back two of the darker fabrics for a little more contrast. Hope it helps!

If you’re interested in the Sewline Marker, go to


Fabric Picks

So here’s the first stack of fabric that I put together  for the sample quilt I’m making with Jaye:


Or, to look at it another way:

I woke up Friday morning not convinced that I’d gotten it quite right. So on Saturday, I went by Thimble Pleasures and bought the following:


And now here’s what I have for my sampler:

Or, consider it this way:



So, to review, this:

v. this:

I may end up making more changes, but I think I’m getting there.