Episode 64: Boxed In

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First, here’s a picture of the lovely Bento Box quilt my mom made for Jack several years ago:

Next, here is the array of fabrics I’ll be using for my Bento Box quilt, in pairs, including the new fabrics I bought this week:

Here are the six Bento Box blocks (say that three times fast) I’ve put together so far, unmixed up:

And here’s an example of the blocks all mixed up–this is not the final mix; I just wanted to give an example of how mixed up Bento Box blocks look in general.

Victoria from Peacebrook Quilts and Glogood both sent me this link for a tutorial on how to piece quilt backs. Thanks so much, Victoria and Glogood!

Episode 62: Pinwheels in the Bag (So to Speak)

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Pinwheels! This is an odd picture (per usual) because the top of it looks sort of faded. I hope I’ll have a better picture later. Now, looking at this picture, I wonder if I ought to rearrange some of the lines of color. Is that light green line of pinwheels too light? Let me know your thoughts–it’s not too late to revise!

Send me your quilting ideas, please!

Episode 55: What to do, what to do

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My new design wall, introduced to you by Betty the Mannequin,

who needs a new prom dress.

Feedback. please: QNN or The Quilt Show? Do you subscribe to either? Both? If so, which should I choose and why?

More feedback: Resources for the advance beginners who want to perfect their skills? Let me know where I should go/what I should do to become a better quilter!