Hidden Stars

I just finished basting the Hidden Stars quilt. Here’s a picture pre-basting:

I hate to say it, but this is about the best picture I took. I’ll try one more:

I don’t think that’s much better. Sigh. Well, here’s a picture of the backing fabric by itself:

It’s called Adoring by Sarah Gervais for Moda. Now here it is contrasted against the quilt top:


Oh, and lest we forget, here’s the picture Will took of his quilt:


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  1. Dear Frances,
    I am so thrilled with the Hidden Stars quilt! It looks great. It is hard for me to see the backing fabric color, but I think the way you chose (described in your podcast) sounds really great. I think surprise is a good way of choosing a backing fabric.

    I am very confident in your good judgment in terms of fabric selection. I say this because of your comments in the podcast about choosing not to do the Damask Rose (is that the right name?) in batiks, because the pattern didn’t want batiks. I think it is good that you are using your intuition.

    Excellent podcast. I think it was one of your best ever.

  2. Nice job on the stars and yeah for your son. My son made a quilt at that age too. He is 12 now and won’t go near any of it anymore.. boo hoo.
    So glad you did the blog; love seeing the pics. Tami in Denver

  3. What a great job on your quilts! Hidden Star…you inspired me to get the book!
    I love what you made with your little man! That is so cool. My Vanilla bear is wanting to learn to sew…but she is only 5. Makes me nervous.

    Thanks for mentioning my podcast! 🙂 You have inspired me in my podcast and it was so cool to hear you mention mine…

  4. Wow! That was fast! It turned out great. I love the colors and prints.
    I also have 2 boys, but mine are grown (18 and 23). At one time, it seemed that my younger son was “almost” interested in spending time in my sewing room, but it never really came to be. I love that your son wants to share your hobby with you.

  5. So fun seeing your son’s quilt! He did an EXCELLENT job, and of course yours was nice too! Great podcast…always love listening to you!

  6. Will’s quilt is fantastic! Please tell him we are all completely impressed and hope he stays with it. Will he keep it for himself or give it to his friend as a birthday gift?

  7. Greetings, Thanks for taking the time and using the energy to do the pod cast. Enjoy the content as well as your lovely voice!
    Wil,l job well done! Will, check out my web site and see what my husband does with fiber. He is a CEO kinda guy but loves crafts and does stained glass, tile work and in the past year he has taken to working with yarn and making rugs!Yes. Will you can do it all! shelly beth

  8. I think the backing fabric is a great selection – having a different style, but colors that blend with the quilt top.

    And I’m jealous that your son is into quilting! I wish my daughter would pick up the needle again. She used to hand sew alot when she was younger.

  9. I like the pattern and the fabrics you used in the quilt. You do beautiful work.
    It’s great that your son likes to sew and quilt.

  10. I *love* that your son made a quilt! What a wonderful activity for you two to share. My son is only 2, but he is fascinated with the sewing machine and all my various toys. His favorite is the tiny craft iron – he takes it out of the drawer and “irons” everything in my sewing room. Did you know that irons make the same noise as trucks, jets, and vacuum cleaners? I didn’t know that until my son demonstrated it for me 😉

    Hidden stars is beautiful, expecially that backing fabric!

  11. I was listening to your podcast yesterday and got tickled about the backing. When I first started every one I talked to had a different way of doing the back. I am getting ready to post a tutorial on how I do it because (a) I like easy math and (b) I am careful about where the seams are on the back. I should have it up by tomorrow or Tuesday. (fingers crossed)

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