Fabric Picks

So here’s the first stack of fabric that I put together  for the sample quilt I’m making with Jaye:


Or, to look at it another way:

I woke up Friday morning not convinced that I’d gotten it quite right. So on Saturday, I went by Thimble Pleasures and bought the following:


And now here’s what I have for my sampler:

Or, consider it this way:



So, to review, this:

v. this:

I may end up making more changes, but I think I’m getting there.

Hidden Stars

I just finished basting the Hidden Stars quilt. Here’s a picture pre-basting:

I hate to say it, but this is about the best picture I took. I’ll try one more:

I don’t think that’s much better. Sigh. Well, here’s a picture of the backing fabric by itself:

It’s called Adoring by Sarah Gervais for Moda. Now here it is contrasted against the quilt top:


Oh, and lest we forget, here’s the picture Will took of his quilt: