Episode 152: Free Motion

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samplerNovAbove: the sampler quilt so far

fbThe “I am 50 and Pretty Okay with It” selfie. I put goop in my hair to make it stick up like that.

dana's quiltMy friend Dana’s quilt. Jaye thinks this pattern is called “Grecian Cross.”

This week’s questions

1. In your opinion, what have been the most popular quilt patterns of the last 5 years?

2. Did your mother quilt? If so, did she teach you to quilt? If not, how did you learn?

Have you read Sandy’s story about her mother teaching her to quilt? It’s lovely, and you can find it here:



This week’s links:

Super Slider for free motion quilting:



Jaye on researching block patterns:

Researching Block Names


A list of quilt docs from the Quilters Newsletter blog:



With These Hands–An Exhibit of African American Quilts


Barbara Brackman’s blog on modernism: http://historicallymodernquilts.blogspot.com/


Jenny Beyer Blocks: http://www.jinnybeyer.com/quilting-with-jinny/design-board/browse.cfm