Episode 118: Back from Cincy

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My mom and I had a great time at the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival last week. Hear all about it in this week’s episode!

Here’s me and my mom:


And here’s me and the marvelous Chris Kaufman, a friend I’ve made through this podcast. She and her husband, Barry, were in town for their son’s wedding reception and came by the show.


And here’s my favorite quilt in the show, “Prairie Fire” by Ruth Powers (thanks to Chris for taking and then sending the picture!):


The book I just ordered on quilting is Listen to Your Quilt: Select the Perfect Quilting Every Time by Barbara Persing.

Episode 117: Back to Business (on the Irish Chain Back)

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Meant to post this episode on Friday, but got a little bug instead, and then I couldn’t figure out something on Hindenberg … the usual excuses. Sorry to be late!

Above: The Irish Chain back. It’s now sewn together, but I need to lengthen it, it turns out, which I hope to do tomorrow if I’m feeling up to snuff.

A neat, brief podcast about an African-American quilting bee in Baltimore: