Episode 130: Can This Quilt Be Saved?

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So that “Harvest Traditions” quilt pattern turned out to be a bust. Terrible instructions! So what to do with all that fabric that I cut out? How about a modern maple?


I have seven more leaves to make. I’ll use leftover fabric from the Harvest quilt for the backing. Because the fabrics I have are creams, beiges and tans, I’m going to call this my “Muddled Modern Maple.”

Took a paper-piecing class yesterday and think I finally figured out what I needed to figure out. Here’s a block I made:


Finally, inspired by my paper-piecing teacher’s use of a light box, I found a nifty tutorial online and made one myself using a scrapbook storage box and some touch lights. Neat!



Episode 128: Halloween Quilt and the Next Big Things

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will's 2013 pumpkinWill’s pumpkin. Boo!

The Halloween quilt seems almost impossible to photograph. The fabrics are too active, if you know what I mean. But here are a couple of attempts:

hween quilt 1

hween quilt 2IMG_0551

Next up: Thanksgiving quilt (here’s a link: http://www.mccallsquilting.com/blogs/blog/2012/08/17/friday-freebie-harvest-traditions-lap-quilt-pattern/)

And then the Christmas quilt! http://www.keepsakequilting.com/productdetail/7362.htm

Episode 126: Back in the Saddle!

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I’m working on a new quilt! I’ve been born again!

halloween quilt pt. 1

h-ween block

This is my Halloween quilt, though in the first picture it doesn’t look all that Halloween-y. It does in real life, I promise.

Check out Jean Ray Laury at the International Quilt Study Center. Her online exhibit is here: http://www.quiltstudy.org/exhibitions/online_exhibitions/jean_ray_laury/jean_ray_laury.html

And watch the vidcast about her work here: http://www.quiltstudy.org/education/resources/podcasts1.html/title/-jean-ray-laury-threads-of-feminism-nancy-bavor-april-22-2012

Leave a comment on this episode! Let me know you still care. xoxo

Episode 123: Weird Summer

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Summer is always weird, no matter how much I plan for it. This one’s no different, with kids off to camp, lots of rain, and weeks of being Willfriend while Will’s friends are on vacation.

I’ve extended my design wall and redesigned the mosaic quilt. Here’s a rather bad photograph to give you an idea …

IMG_0282Not much quilting done lately–hope that changes soon!

Episode 121: Hello, Summer!

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School is over and done with, at last! Here’s a couple of pix of me and the happy graduates:

jackgrad[1]Jack, totally not happy about having to get out of bed to graduate (or having his picture taken).

willdgrad-1-2Me and Will making silly faces. Note the untied tie. Will is now officially against ties.

So, did I finish the Green & White and White & Green quilts? You betcha!

The Green & White …




And the White & Green …



IMG_0192Above: the label my mom made for the White & Green quilt. Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but you at least get an idea of how nice the label is. Thanks, Mom!

And now …. back to the Mosaic quilt! Here’s what I have so far:

IMG_0198Have a great week. Don’t forget to comment if you want to be included in the drawing for the $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop! Deadline: June 13th.

Episode 120: Podcastiversary Big No. 3!

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That’s right, folks: Three years and counting! Thanks for listening–and for talking back!

Want to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop? Then leave your comment on this post by Thursday, June 13th. Tell me where you’re listening from and a little bit about the quilts you make. Are you a traditional quilter? Modern? A hybrid quilter like me? Include a picture–of yourself and/or your quilts if you want.

Here’s where I am on the White & Green quilt (as opposed to the Green & White quilt). I’m still revising a bit as to color placement, but you get the general idea. I’ve got a little over a week to get ‘er done. Yikes! As you can see, the far-right blocks are hanging off the edge of my design wall:

IMG_0129In case you’re wondering, unlike the Green & White quilt, this quilt will have a border, which it definitely needs.

Have a great couple of weeks. Back soon!

Episode 118: Back from Cincy

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My mom and I had a great time at the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival last week. Hear all about it in this week’s episode!

Here’s me and my mom:


And here’s me and the marvelous Chris Kaufman, a friend I’ve made through this podcast. She and her husband, Barry, were in town for their son’s wedding reception and came by the show.


And here’s my favorite quilt in the show, “Prairie Fire” by Ruth Powers (thanks to Chris for taking and then sending the picture!):


The book I just ordered on quilting is Listen to Your Quilt: Select the Perfect Quilting Every Time by Barbara Persing.

Episode 117: Back to Business (on the Irish Chain Back)

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Meant to post this episode on Friday, but got a little bug instead, and then I couldn’t figure out something on Hindenberg … the usual excuses. Sorry to be late!

Above: The Irish Chain back. It’s now sewn together, but I need to lengthen it, it turns out, which I hope to do tomorrow if I’m feeling up to snuff.

A neat, brief podcast about an African-American quilting bee in Baltimore: