0 thoughts on “Episode 88: The Very Late Episode

  • Terje

    If only all compost looked as lovely as yours…..the world would be a much more fertile place to grow.

  • Oklahoma Mom

    I agree, looks to green to put back into the grown. I will tell you something funny though my cousin told me when she moves she is taking her soil with her. She worked to hard to get it working to grow her garden so she is going to put it in bags to travel with her.

  • Jane aka Mom

    That’s the best looking, most artistically arranged compost I have ever seen!

    Love, Mom

  • Kelly the Fifth

    I just read the two page excerpt in The Week of Lost in the Great Alone. I was so glad to hear your review- on my list now. I cannot believe a year has gone by and that it is time for your family beach trip. Have a lovely trip.

  • shelly beth grappe

    The stars are looking big and bright, clap, clap, clap..deep in the heart of of Rickie! Ok bad take off on a Texas song. In honor of your Travis….your sons are very handsome young men. Always enjoy your podcasts. Thanks for sharing your time and talents. shelly beth