Episode 209: The Challenge Has Been Met! 10

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At last, I’m done with my Riley Blake Challenge quilt!

If you want to read more about my process on this quilt, go here:

Process Post–Riley Blake/MQG Challenge, Part 1


Process Post: Riley Blake/MQG Challenge Quilt, Part 2


This is an excellent, very thorough tutorial on blocking a quilt:

Oh the Joys of Blocking a Quilt!

Hope this finds you well!

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10 thoughts on “Episode 209: The Challenge Has Been Met!

  • Gayle Allen-Grier

    Love it, Frances!! Didn’t get to Meer up with you at Quiltcon but made a pic of me with your quilt. Will send to you if I can.

  • Glenna Walker

    Absolutely love this quilt – the idea that you designed it is very impressive. PS: I’m one of your “best-friends” who comments in my head all the time. Happy quilting.

  • Lizzie

    Wow – the circular quilting was a surprise – and it works! This quilt is outstanding. I haven’t listened yet; did you name it? How about “thermal columns” – we like to watch the hawks circle/soar/glide in the warm updrafts.

  • Quiltin Jenny

    I absolutely love this quilt! It turned out great, and the circular quilting is perfection.

    Ironically, while you were talking about the move away from super dense quilting, I was pebbling for my #machinequiltingbloghop post for tomorrow. I’ll be curious to see what the quilts from QuiltCon 2018 reveal.

  • Jane

    Was William Morris the arts & crafts guy you were talking about? Great quilt, and the quilting looks good! I’ve been kind of tired of overly dense quilting myself and have moved away from it on the last few I’ve made…especially baby quilts. All that thread can make a large quilt pretty heavy.

    • NONNIE

      I think a lot of everyday – Non professional quilters are thinking the way you are JANE with the less dense quilting style…. I am beginning to read about MINIMALIST QUILTING as a style that is against the DENSE quilting.

      Basically … the quilting is based on batting requirements posted by the manufacturer of the batting. The size of the motifs tend to be open, flowing, either FMQing or straight line but usually not closer than fist size … ie 3 to 6 inches apart. Enough to allow softness and cuddly but still keeping the quilt sewn together according to batting requirements.



    YOU said you wanted comments about your current projects but since WINGS is finished I thought I would tell you what I think about CHAIRS …. I think this quilt would be a good opportunity tp try different stitches on your BERNINA to do the applique…. button hole, Ricky TIMs stitch #46 double button hole, the zig zag etc … then the different threads weights type and colors.

    By experimenting with the stitches, threads etc it add interest and texture to your quilt top… good chance to play and learn & practice techniques.

    Just something I thought you might like to consider…..


  • Nicolle Rolenc

    Just found your podcast a few days ago. I’m really enjoying them. You have a great voice and a charming disposition. Thank you for the entertainment. I feel like I have a friend in my sewing room with me 😊

  • Lizzie

    Fixed email address, sorry. Me again. Listened for awhile, then stopped at the lark vs sparrow. That’s it! Have you heard The Lark Ascending” by Vaughan Williams? One of my favorites. Could the Riley Challenge quilt be named “Larks Ascending?” Especially since they’re traveling next to your staircase … I also remember one of my favorite passages in the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder was when she would play in the prairie grass and watch the larks ascend in the early mornings.
    Okay, back to listening…